FIFA Soccer 09 GameSpot Ashes -- Second Test 2

GameSpot AU's Koz and Laura strap on their footy boots and take on Guy and Mark from the GameSpot UK team in the second Ashes test. Can the Aussies beat the Brits at their own game? Tune into find out!

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go the aussies who cares who won the the ashes (in real life) the aussies rule sons BOO YEAH

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They should be playing cricket not football. Now all the americans will think the Ashes is about Football. Idiots.

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Neither of them are good at Fifa 09 i mean all they have to do was angle a couple of their runs to get past the Aussies but they just ran in straight lines... Not good

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at fifa are less than amateurs he he

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heh they're not very good though

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ha loved this

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Wow cheesy!

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wow dude the beginning was so cheesy.

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What's the point of this clip..OK, so it's gamespot staffer's from different countries getting together to play FIFA 09. Is this suppose to be something worthy of a gamespot feature? I could see if these people were playing an exclusive intro. preview to FIFA 10 then it might be something to watch..but four people playing a game that's been out roughly 1 year? OK, pick another game to play how about L4D, or Ghostbusters, HALO or?/? This is nothing different then any other group of folk playing a vid. game.

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That 3rd goal was great loved the Aussies 1-2 header from keeper to defender :)

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That was fun to watch. The third goal was unexpected.

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@fartybarty They are both using xbox 360 controllers. The man's using elite controller

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why is the women using a 360 controller and the bald man a ps3 one ???????????????????????????????????????

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The British do not dive! The Argentinians and Spaniards and Italians dive. The British stamp on people's heads.

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can they try a game on the PS3 and then compare the lag?

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lol this sucks

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girls+soccer= FAIL BTW gamespot's video rendering sucks so much.