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The gameplay is alot like Fifa 16, a little bit faster. But it's nice to have on the go in the end. I bought both switch and PC version

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I mean if you are a graphics whore than yea you’ll probably think the switch version is ugly but if you just want to play some soccer on the go then it isn’t a bad version. Hopefully next years version will be more feature rich and they’ll work more on the animations and physics. Otherwise looks like a good version of the game to own.

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EA wont get the benefit of the doubt next year. They will need to bring the switch version up to feature parity if they expect customers to buy Fifa 19.

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I have played the PS4 version yesterday at a friends house and played the switch version at home. The Switch version is ok at best. I miss the physics, there is nothing like a good tackle being replayed. The Switch version doesn't show replay of tackles because of the lack of physics.

The only reason to have the Switch version is because you can play it everywhere.

EDIT: It does show the tackles. Plays better in Handheld mode.

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FIFA should get decent worldwide sales for the Switch. Maybe that will prompt EA to bring more to Switch like Need for Speed, Madden, NHL, and maybe Mass Effect Trilogy or Andromeda.

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@meatymisto: I hope so, but I want more love in the ports then this year's fifa.