FIFA 14 - Xbox One and PS4 Gameplay Trailer

Stadiums, players, crowds, and football worlds come to life in FIFA 14 on next-gen consoles.

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    didn´t like the demo at all! new gameplay sucks..

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    GAmeplay Trailer ???? How retarded thats only fucking FMVs and the say nothing ... Ludicrous

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    why can the show have real life stadiums and not fifa...should be able to at least download

    Avatar image for Budlust91

    so.. about 4 weeks until this game comes out and still no real gameplay footage

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    This looks like current gen -______- I dont see any difference

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    @terrain600 its a sports game they all look the same

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    I'm gonna call it again, the only true next gen in game footage i saw that actually deserves to be called next gen, was last year's Star Wars 1313 demo, Frostbite, cryengine or this so called Ignite cant hold a candle next to u Unreal Engine 4

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    needs more polish

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    @IvasawaJin polish girls? yes i agree. In under ware? why not?

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    Really? This is Next Generation?

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    @danyjr Bro give it time. It takes at least a year and a half after the release of the next gen for the difference to be fully noted.

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    Not impressed. Apart from the spectators, the rest looks identical..

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    Wow this sucks