Feedbackula - The Last of Us Rageapalooza!

It's safe to say Tom McShea's review of The Last of Us has stirred up a bit of controversy. Johnny goes to investigate.

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Who would ever go to IGN? It's full of idiots and click hungry authors!

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@jawslover he makes many valid points about toms review, and he said he respects tom as a reviewer, while you are simply disagreeing with him because you can it seems

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Where can i get this shirt.

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So, feedbackula's goal is to make fun of viewers that don't agree with gamespot, caricaturizing them as some kind of angry nerds? That is groundbreaking. Douchy, but groundbreaking.

Is simple: McShea review of The Last Of Us is HIS. And is WAY disconnected for the vast majority of gamers point of view.

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TLOU is one of the best games I've ever played.... 8.0 is way too low of a score. Gamespot reviewers suck.

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@ExtremelyAVG @SpazldNinjaDude It's not an "addition", it's a level-headed comment on a message board smart guy

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This was so fun to wacth. but come on peple. Diversity is a good thing in the industry.

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@Xocoyotzin I really like this episode as well, very funny. Watched 10 times already.

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I found that Tom's review had no impact on my enjoyment of game. Maybe I should read again in case I didn't realise how mad I was?

If he got so much hate for this review I'm really looking forward to the vitriol that spews forth when he reviews GTAV and doesn't give it a 10/10.

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I don't care about the score. If Tom thinks it's an 8 then that's fine. The problem I have is with the written review itself. Some of the things Tom uses as negatives are wrong and other negatives he gives are the same things that everyone else loves about the game: the characters, gameplay and art design. If I recall he even says the game looks "mundane", that "we've seen it all before" in other games. What games are you playing Tom? I've played virtually every post-apocalyptic game out there and nothing holds a candle to TLOU in terms of art design.

He knocks the score because the game uses familiar story archetypes. You know what else uses familiar archetypes? Everything. The game is essentially based on Cormac McCarthy's "The Road" which fits neatly into the western canon of literature through its use of such archetypes, the same ones that have been used in stories for thousands of years and now Tom is going to knock the game for not being different enough from its source material? That's not journalism, that's not critiquing --that's ignorance.

Just watch the video he did with Chris and Shaun. He makes outrageous assumptions about the characters and story that have absolutely no precedent in the game. He obviously only did the video to try to defend his inane misunderstanding of this game and fails miserably. Chris and Shaun disagree with him on nearly all points because they actually understand why the game is as great as it is.

Again, I don't have a problem with the score. An 8 is "Great". It's not like he gave it a 4 or a 5. But his review is so off the wall and filled with so many biased claims that it's impossible not to be disappointed in Gamespot for letting him publish it.

I used to take Tom's advice and opinions seriously. But after this I'll never be able to read another of his reviews without having a bad taste in my mouth. When Tom reviews a game, I'll be forced to go elsewhere for a reliable and objective viewpoint that I can trust. It's not that I don't like Tom, but he's ruined his credibility as a reviewer. If his review would have been the only one I read, I wouldn't have bought and played the game, and I would have missed out on one of the most important games of this console generation.

I know I'm just one guy --and judging by that Feedbackula I just watched nobody seems to take these comments seriously--, but from now on, Tom's video game musings will be as reliable as the thousands of unqualified opinions that this website makes videos of to poke fun at.

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@AhabsLeg k

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Lol all this because a game didn't get as good a review as you wanted? You sir have too much time on your hands...

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lol to many people say "8 is to low its above average" lol average is 5, 8 is above average...morons.

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Not to be a stickler.. but your addition is terrible!

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Silly people getting mad for nothing

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Wow those people are angry over such a minor thing. The internet just blows my mind sometimes when there are so many more important things to be angry over. Grow up. Unless your like 10 or something.

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Who gives a crap what score Gamespot gave this video game? don't people have more important things to worry about in their lives?

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The give Sony exclusives low scores do they? What about Uncharted 3. Or actually Heavy Rain too, those scores were pretty standard.

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So not me trying to defend Tom? ;(

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People don't even know what AAA means, they think it means quality, NOPE it means the amount of money put into it...some AAA are amazing, like The Last of Us, and some shit like CoD.

8.0 is FUCKING HIGH! You are all retards!

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The majority of these people complaining about the 8/10 (which is still above average) probably thought that Skyrim was 10/10 as well. I don't understand why everyone is so bent out of shape. He gave it a good score, just not a perfect score.

The Last of Us is far from -perfect.-

Now, the review itself I haven't watched, if people take issue with that, fine by me. But the score is not the worst thing ever.

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hehehe this dude is hilarious!

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Is MC Shea on crack??? this game is a must play!

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the **** is wrong with people...

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The reason people are pissed is because they trusted you, Gamespot. You were the friend that always recommended good games and told them to stay away from bad games. An 8/10 is a good score, but it's like telling your audience, just before they start playing, "Well, it's good... but don't get too excited about this one." Pretty much a buzzkill... You've got to find reviewers with similar tastes as your audience or they'll stop taking your advice and look elsewhere for game recommendations.

Of course the Gamespot team has to defend their reviewer. It's not the end of the world, but come on, you better learn from this one next time.

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@guts87 An 8.0 is what? 4 points off 10? People are acting like it's the end of the world, people should know by now Tom is very harsh. He loved the game, how do I know? Because he said it, he said it was moving, in Tom language that means it was amazing! He just didn't give it 10/10 because he found niggly things, which he always lowers the score with, he gave Never Dead a lowish score, but said you should play it cause it's great fun.

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I just watch his spoilercast and that guy has some weird ideas about joel calling him a drug dealer just because he worked late.

The guy was had a chip on his shoulder throughout the whole spoilercast. His review is flawed like the reviewer.

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@kingtemplar Tom is a special guy, but he's allowed to think what he wants right? I think his reviews are the best cause of it. The score is medial, it's all about what they person says, not a fucking number.

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HAHAHA 4:42 is golden! Nice work there.

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is game spot owned by microsoft now lmfao

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it's ridiculous. in which ever sites you go there's a justice in scoring despite of being ps3 or x360, but in gamespot whenever i've come in this last year, everything goes to 360, uncharted 3 got a 9,although it deserved a 10, and the last of us which has taken a full score on every site has gotten an 8 here,

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@Nathan_Drake03 Uncharted 3 did not deserve a 10. That implies it is flawless/perfect in every single way, which it was not. You are being just as biased as the people your angry at (maybe more 'Nathan')

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@Dan11223344 @Nathan_Drake03 a 10 does not represent a flawless game, If you demand a website to adhere to that, go and leave this one. seeing as how there are NO flaweless games in the world, designing a scoring system around it isn't practical, so they didn't

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My problem wasn't with the score; it was with McShea's lazy ass 3 minute review.

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@skinnyd69 The video review as an abridged version of the full text review, which can be found on the site. Just FYI.

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@SHEETBIKE @skinnyd69 hey SHEETBIKE, do you have a ETA for the next episode of Feedbackula? Also tell tom his review sucked. last of us is one of the most moving games, on if not beyond the level of Walking Dead.

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@skinnyd69 exactly

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y do they call it feedbackula? like, they called it that because it was halloween themed, now it mexican. wtf gamespot

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@tbaggingnoob Actually, the halloween theme came from the name. Then, as the show grew, the horror theme really didn't fit the tone of the show. We went with the mexican vibe because I almost exclusively use mexican banda music when editing it. The name, meanwhile, still gets across what the show is about, so we don't plan on changing it. Hope that answers your question!

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@SHEETBIKE @tbaggingnoob YAY!

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Reviews should not be opinions but comparisons to other games in the same genre. If it where to be opinions someone could score a WOII game a 1 just because he is german and was offended by the content. This review is very unprofessional. If you are a well known site like gamespot you just can't do things like this.

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@ScottOakley So what would you compare Minecraft with? Or Journey. Actually what about Remember Me? They are all rather unique, and not really comparable.

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@ScottOakley You clearly need to look into what the definition of "review" is.

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People got mad over this?

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Someone should have checked the final score of the review before putting it online. This is the best game I have played in years. Giving such a good game an 8/10 - is in my opinion an error.

Maybe with such a good game - Kevin Van Ord should have done the review...just saying

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@jeffmonkey Seriously? You are still going on about that? The game does have flaws, it is certainly no "masterpiece". 8/10 means "Great" on the Gamespot rating scale, or haven't you heard?

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Jonny was at E3 i think that is why there is the delay.

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An 8 is great on gamespot's scale.... I don't understand the hate...? He said the game is great.....