Feedbackula - GTA V Review Revulsion

We reviewed Grand Theft Auto V recently, giving it a very impressive 9/10. This made a lot of our community furious, and Johnny has a thing or two to say about it.

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Good job Johnny; it's unfortunate that you had to explain GS's actions but you did it well and agree with you. I, for one, stopped reading the comment section of this website about a month ago. The reason I watch Feedbackula is because you guys make it so funny, but I don't blame you for the sentiment you expressed in the end. All the best to you ^_^

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@Korvus85 Stop crying... They are professionals... deal with it

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Yeah but the mod team is volunteers and we're the ones that get to trudge through most of it. That and professional or not it doesn't make personal attacks excusable. Personal attacks are never excusable.

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@docampo @robbristow I'm sorry, are you saying that they shouldn't be offended when someone says bigoted and even life-threatening things? It's "inevitable" is a poor excuse to let people keep being immature with their responses.

Sure, Gamespot isn't responsible for other people's words, but they (Gamespot) are still people and should speak up against horrible, shallow-minded, immature responses.

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@robbristow Agreed. But have in mind that you cannot control what people will say... If you are a public person, you will be exposed to this kind of comments whether you like or not. Iam not saying that personal atacks are right, but they are inevitable...

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I wonder if Gamespot knows that GTA well especially GTAV is actually a satirical game that likes to mess with that stuff.

You can talk about YOUR OPINION, but don't factor YOU'R OPINION into the dang score.If it's against the political opinion.

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@zerooo0 Without opinion, there's no way to score a game. Try and think about that for a while.

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insterad if thinking about it for a minute i'm just staring at your stupid hair :/

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i didnt get what he said, he was insulted by people who DISAGREED with the way they review games? or the people who insulted Carolyn? i can agree with the second but not the first

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I can only say something after I played the GTAV. Before that, I can´t give a rating. But if they gave 9/10, it´s ok, I mean, everyone has a different opinion. Don´t swear, just support the game if you like it.

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Fact all GTA games are overrated.

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well, you could always bring back start select

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It's not the score or that CP dared to criticize the game. It's the logic of the criticism that's at fault:

'Ignore murder, drug dealing, and every other kind of immoral/criminal behavior because hey, it's a game, but gender inequality within the game is a very serious issue we need to grapple with...'

No, this doesn't excuse all the ridiculous and irrelevant personal attacks on CP, but welcome to the internet - where you see humanity most clearly though the magic of an anonymous internet connection.

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The fact that this feedbackula does not deal directly with the problem of the review while directly criticises the commenters makes me uneasy. Sure 90% of comments are sexist and misgynomic but what about the top comments in that review? I believe that replying to those comments would be more effective than attacking those 90% if what this episode is trying to do is to help Carolyn

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LOL,gamespot didn't like that a bit lol

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Dude feebackula is ruining this site because people make these comments in order to get on the show

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@holtrocks Nah, you can spot those comments from a mile away, and some of them are sort of funny.

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@holtrocks You mean in the same way that violent video games make people violent? #Sarcasm. But seriously, nothing about Feedbackula could trigger the kind of attacks that I or the rest of the moderator team continue to see about the review.

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@Synthia @holtrocks I think you are underestimating people who just want to see their name on this show.

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@Synthia @holtrocks Ok, but just answer me one question: Are people free to say whatever they want? The reviewer exposed herself when she put her personal opinion on a professional review... If people are not free to say anything in these site, than the rules must be spoken and explicit here. (sorry for my bad english)

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@holtrocks I've definitely noticed a larger amount of personal attacks since this show. As I've said before, getting on Feedbackula is to trolls what an overpass sign is to taggers.

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@holtrocks You might be right!

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Johnny, were you honestly expecting any other reaction from this community? I'm guessing you didn't get a chance to see many of the comments on the Xbox One articles, then.

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its not the gta 5 review thats the problem its the gta 4 review. that got a 10 and was a disapointment to many. also giving any game a 10 suggests that the game is perfect and cant be improved. but of course nothing is perfect so either more games need to get 10s for being simply almost perfect or jsut shove the rating system up your arse

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@ptflea1 That was 2008. Standards have changed, buddy.

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For me, it's not the score of 9/10, but the fact that other games like Dishonored, Batman, and AC Creed have the same score. Don't get me wrong, they are great games too, but to have the same score - i don't know. I think the underlying issue is that there seems to be no consistency with reviewing games. Personally, i really don't care what score GTA V gets, because i'm enjoying the hell out of it. I've waited about 5 years for this game, and a 9/10 score isn't going to prevent me from playing it.

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@DAPalicious They all deserve 9's for their specific genres. Its your problem for directly comparing them even though they are very different games.

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@Uangry @DAPalicious they're all action adventure aren't they?

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Sounds like Feedbackula is on the way out :(

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If you don’t like the game, don’t come up to play. People are free to comment what they want. You don’t get to choose what they say. Sorry, but it’s true.

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@docampo You're absolutely right that we can't choose what people say, but we most certainly can choose whether or not we allow them to say it on GameSpot.

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@JusticeCovert @docampo We are in the same page then.

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Carolyn petit is awesome she loves games and its obvious. Props to her for being honest in her opinions and props to Johnny for calling people out on their ignorance. I hope you dont quit making this show its refreshing and fun and would be a shame to see it stop because a few angry fan boys dont realize that people like Caroyln deserve respect.

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Nobody paid attention to the reviews anyway, and if you did you're a moron and a plastic gamer. Reviews represent nothing. All it is, is some schmucks opinion on something which is always subjective.

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Way to go Johnny! Nice with a proper speech telling these commentators to speak properly instead of whining. I'm so sick of people whining about the score of any review.

I do share your worries about Feedbackula contributing to the flames of the forums (or is it fora?) Sometimes it seems, that people flame, just to get in the show.

I would still hate to miss the show. Keep up the good work :-)

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@mikkeltiedt You are sick of people whining and you congratulate Johnny on this video? This is basically whining about whining. This is isn't how you handle negative feedback, you don't let people know it bothered you. Just ignore and move on.

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@cavs25 @mikkeltiedt There has to be a line drawn somewhere, when an anonymous user says they don't like the game or the reviewer that's one thing, but when they actively start trying to hurt or threaten the site or the reviewer that's something else entirely.

Carolyn Petit's job is to review games, it's her livelihood, she depends on it to put food on her table and a roof over her head, for a single anonymous user to actively threaten that over something so minor is nothing short of irresponsible, malicious and vain in a way I can't even comprehend, and for the whole community to begin a petition for it is...I don't even have any words.

I don't blame Johnny one bit for thinking long and hard about Feekbackula, and if we all did just watch the last episode, well...I'd say it's unfortunate but I completely understand why they decided to end it.

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"Gamers" are the worst people

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@unreal101 People are the worst people, that's why I live in a cave.

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Damn, he got real.

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@W0OOTY About time

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@unreal101 @W0OOTY Seriously

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I didn't think it was ever coming... Thank you

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Didn't think they would have it in them to pick this.

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I've been looking forward to this so much this week. Here we go......

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the screen flash kill indicator ruins the feeling of being immersed in shootouts. it makes shotgun and sniper kills feel and look especially cheap and bloodless. I wish you could disable it, otherwise I cant play this game. It's such a small detail that ends up tainting the entire experience for me. I would much rather have the suspense of not knowing if the enemy is dead or still bleeding out than having an annoying screen flash for each kill. It makes me want to avoid combat at all costs.

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20,000 comments and only a 7 minutes show? i expected 12 minutes at least, like the last season :(