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EA joined forces with Humble Bundle to raise money for charity, and somehow managed to anger people in the process. Time for Johnny to take a closer look.

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From a basic standpoint these kinds of scenarios are satisfactory.

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Gamespot comments sections both disappoint and never disappoint. ;)

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I'd like to point out a few things in general about this.

First of all is how Humble Bundle works (where the money EA donated came from).

Every week HB have a weekly sale (and most of the time a special bundle in addition to the weekly sale) where a bunch of games or other things are for sale. The things they sell are donated by companies and the customers get to choose what they pay and how much of the money goes to the company donating the products, HB to keep the site running and charity. Some people donate up to hundreds of dollars. A majority of people seem to be really cheap tho, and go for the minimum 1 dollar for a bundle of games.

So yes, in a way EA didn't donate any money to charity. They did however put up a number of good games that people could buy for charity (In this case I believe it was BF3, Sims 3, Mirrors Edge, Dead Space and more). As for the amount of money raised for charity, that depends entirely on the customers. The average for this bundle was less than 5$. Let's not forget that they also donated to more than cancer research, that was just the largest receiver. Did EA get money from this? Yup they did. That's also up to the customers tho. You get to, as mentioned earlier, choose how much of the money you pay goes to charity. The default is a majority to the developers to make them more willing to put offer games for this in the future. You could choose to give it all to charity tho.

As for whether the money is wasted or not that really depends on your priorities and your belief in the system. Personally I find it a good thing. Even if I know that very few companies making medicine do it purely out of the good in their hearts. Sure, the medicine will cost a lot when (if) it's finally done but it will still save lived and that's invaluable. The more research is put into it the cheaper it will most likely become and sooner or later it will most likely be available to most people. Will people make money and live like kings of it? Of course they will and I find it horrible that people profit from other peoples suffering. I'd still rather have access to it and save my friend than not tho.

So all in all I'm happy with what EA did. They weren't forced to do it and I'm fairly sure they knew that wouldn't "save their reputation". I'm still annoyed with some of their games, I still feel that they are douchy (interesting word btw) but to somehow find millions of dollars to charity being a bad thing baffles my mind.

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karma is a bitch .... just saying

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I dont want to get in to details of disastrous PR of EA, Business ethics. However there are some points to be considered by audiance.

*It is very valuable contribution, regardless of the companies history or amount (Which is the message, PR wanted to give) afterall everything the EA does IS lawful and does not need to donate.

*While 1-2 million is big contribution for cancer (every penny counts) and it is big bucks for a regular guy. For a company has 7.2 Billion $ market value (20 DEC 2013 NASDAQ), it is nothing. Also please consider the fact that much much smaller companies, donated bigger sums or made better efforts (Google is your friend)

*EA vs Customers: "We make promises and not deliver them or sometimes not even try to! but hey we are good guys so don't hate us, and BUY other products too!". You cant make friends after you made your customers feel cheated.

Question is: IF EA was a decent company with good record, would it receive same attitude?

*And most important part of the post: How many customer right based news did GS made to this day, especially about big companies AND how many videos, news, articles did GS made just to protect companies and kiss their ***es. Several Videos and articles are made to accuse gamers of being paranoiac, disrespectful, childish etc etc.

I used to visit Game sites for reviews of games i thought of buying, now i visit these sites for fun, like watching fox news :). Use independent reviewer sites and vlogs not this site.

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I believe JLCrogue comment was aimed at how the current medical system will not share a cure for cancer or aids with the public due to the fact that pharmaceutical industry makes billions on selling drugs that lessen the effects of a disease but don't cure it, people with incurable diseases like cancer or aids are constantly getting treatment or drugs. If a cure was found a lot of people wouldn't want to lose their billions in the medical industry.

So therefore he believes EA wasted money donating it.

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@Paulf001 Uh no that's not how he meant it. He felt because it didn't revolve around him and said therefore EA shouldn't donate. Here's the thing, Cancer is a real thing people die and suffer from it day in and day out. If there was a cure and I am sure there is not. What EA did is still for a good cause. So by JLCrogue's point of view he felt because it's not about him and had a theory about how it works. He felt justified on his opinion about it. When if fact he sounded like a total douchebag and deserved every bit of ridicule from Johnny.

Sorry but, JLCrouge is a douchebag.

BTW: JLCrouge what have you done for the world lately besides biotched about Video Games not working ?

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If gamers hate EA so much why do they continue to buy there games? You guys are your own worst enemies.....

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Absolutely disgusted by some of the comments in this video. I don't blame Johnny for being upset at the internet.

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This show is supposed to be lighthearted and's turning into Johnny's war against the internet. Just go back to making fun of bad spelling and pure stupidity and having a f*cking laugh. When is the last time we heard a '.......I barely know her' joke?

Come on Johnny, fix it mate...

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@incrediblmullet If you can't see the validity of an episode like this, there is no hope for you. No surprise there, really.

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I don't blame him one bit for feeling pissed off during this episode.

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@youre_a_sheep@sammoth It is this Generation period. Bottom line is this generation has a lot to do with the way things have become. Here in the USA One of our Presidents decided it would be a great idea to implement "No child Left Behind" All this does is allow kids who haven't earned an education to pass even if they are stupid. Then you have a families from that generation that tells there kids to get what you want and don't let anyone stop you. In terms that translates to the kids as " Just take what you want, and everything must be given and revolve around you" Otherwise they biotch and complain. Kind of like you.

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This is reminiscent of how I feel when I hear about Oprah's latest charitable exploits. She goes to an impoverished place, does a lot of good both with her time and her checkbook, but always names something after herself and has a camera crew on hand lest the world not know how generous she is.

Are such acts cynical, self serving investments or helpful gestures we should be glad happen one way or the other? I say both.

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I love the line "Get a grip you self entitled brat." I can't say this enough about this generation of kids today. To many seem to think they are entitled to everything and that everything must revolve around them.

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@sammoth And of course we all know that mentality magically spawned within an entire generation all on its own, not by them following their parents' example of living beyond one's means through credit because being denied something you want is never a part of life.

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Haha, one of the few Humble Bundles I didn't purchase; I refuse to use Origin. In any event, this is ridiculous. EA can spend the money they've acquired selling Battlefield 4 to fix Battlefield 4. There's no reason they have to delve into unrelated funds that were explicitly reserved for charity.

Oh, and to claim EA doesn't deserve credit is laughable. They made a rare decision to practically GIVE AWAY THEIR GAMES for a good cause. You think the Humble Bundle name would've just raised the money without anything to offer? You think buying Dead Space 3 for a dollar makes you a hero? Unbelievable.

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I find it odd that there are a lot of people that claim there is a cure for cancer that is not released to the public, and yet none of them work in cancer research. Is there some sort of secret intel that's going around and not reaching the rest of us?

It's like a poorly written high school essay saying "this is the truth because it is my opinion and I read some examples on Trollguy18's blog and watched some home made youtube videos."

If you're going to make a giant claim like that, please provide us with a proper source. Otherwise the rest of us may (from a certain point of view) remain ignorant.

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Have to say these episodes are going from entertaining to downright saddening.

I really can't imagine going through a new pile of this human waste every week in order to shape it into something funny or at least thought provoking.

I think it's time for a new show format, eh Jonneh?

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Johnny, i think you are mistaken in this one.

If a guy pays for a product, he wants it to work.

If he donated for the cancer treatment, it would not matter if the product works or not.
But he payed for a product, he didn't give a donation.

If the company gave a donation, thats their thing. But you can't force the company's decision on consumers. And it this way, you are. It's not more a decision that affects the company, it affects the product thus affects the consumers.

It's like saying 10% of the money you already payed is going on a donation, and instead you will get a product that is 90% functional. And that is said after you payed for a 100% functional product. It's a lie that tries to hide behind a good thing.

Is the good thing (donating) worth it? It (almost) always is.

But not if you are using that to "wash away your sins". Then you are even worse then you were before. You are using the ones in need to make yourself look better. That is the difference and the cause of hate/distrust.

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i think this is a case of a mass misunderstanding:

- you pay for a product

- you hope that product works

- if it doesn't work, you want to see every penny of that company to go on fixing the product you payed for

- if every penny doesn't go to fixing the product you already payed for, you lose trust of a company
-if a company you don't trust donates money, you are angry, because it still doesn't fix the product, or the source of the problem. Its trying to use "other non-related methods" to ease the hate/distrust but by not fixing the source issue, its causing more hate.

So even when you are trying to help a neighbor, its crap, if you didn't clean your place first. Because when people look at you, you are still in a mess. But if you kept your things clean, and helped a neighbor, everyone would wave and smile to you.

People are talking about two things here:

1) people want to see every ounce of power to go fixing the product they payed for

2) people are talking about helping the ones in the need

Clear your mess, then be in a situation where you can help others, and feel good about it. Others will respect you more. You will respect yourself more. Others will trust you more.

Trying to help others while you are in a mess, will make people will think that you are the mess, that your help is questionable and that your goals/methods are not an honest ones.

So helping/donating is a luxury for those who proved to be reliable. An option for those who can spare (money effort) without causing more issues.

As a diabetic, I can try to help others. But if am not a keeping my "issue" under control, and i have some responsibilities, i can be a cause of more issues. A risk that none wants or needs.

But if i keep my issue under control, i can help as much as i want without being a burden or causing more issues.


First be in a position to help others, then help others. Helping is always good IF people trust you. If they don't trust you, then first, help yourself.

P.S. Donating to help a cause is a good thing to do. At least i hope we are still living a world where that is a good thing and can make a difference.

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@noirtenshin Unless that $1.65 million represented the last of EA's capital and there was a bankruptcy announcement I missed, your line of reasoning doesn't work. Do you really think a company that size only has under $2 million cash on hand to deal with issues that arise? Their donation in no way means they're now out of money to fix a game.

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I really can't understand all this conspiracy theories regarding cancer.

1st, It´s not like science under this capitalist model didn´t find the cure for a load of deadly diseases already. Cancer is not yet one of them, unfortunately. I would advise people to, instead of gathering their knowledge from loony youtube videos and blogs, talk with someone that actually works in cancer research and ask him/her why is it so difficult to find a cure.

2nd, It makes no sense to say that there isn't a cure for cancer because of economical interests. If someone had a cure for cancer they could basically charge whatever they wanted for it. Plus, if a vaccination for cancer could be found, the target market would increase dramatically from those who are actually ill to the 7 billion of the human population.

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@phbz Please name the last disease for which a cure has been found rather than an expensive medicine to treat the ill. I remember Chris Rock saying the last thing we cured was polio, and I can't think of anything more recent than that.

If a cure for cancer was found by the same company that profits from treatment, the cure would ONLY ever be brought to market if it made more profit than the treatments. Our current capitalist model has cured nothing.

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@youre_a_sheep @phbz The list of things that could kill you a few years ago and now are just inconveniences is large. But science isn't magic, some diseases are more complex than others, and it´s logic that more complex will be the last where a cure is found. The problem is that we are now so spoiled that we demant reality to be shaped according to our expectations.

If a cure was found by the same company that provides the treatment, then it would be easy for them to ask a higher price for the cure, since the treatments are highly ineffective and expensive. I would imagine that if people are "willing" to submit themselves to the current treatments they would be more than willing to pay more for something that actually works.

But oh well, to each its own. We can choose to believe in whatever we want.

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Oh God. I didnt thought there are actually people who would find donating for cancer reaserch a bad thing becouse they want more games and stuff. Some of you are real trash of the sociaty. And I think some of you really should stop playing games so much and think a bit. I wonder what would you say if you would find out you have a cancer. Atleast knowing that someone donated pretty nice load of cash I think is giving some of the people more hope.

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Jonneh, I hope someone complimented you on the smashing pumpkins tee; very cool.

But what wasn't very cool was the unprincipled way in which you handled the final comment. While I agree that ending the suffering caused by cancer is more important that fixing a buggy game, the comment brought up a good point, which you conveniently chose to ignore in order to bolster your own stance. He said that under the current system, the money EA donated wouldn't be sufficient. I tend to agree with that. Under capitalism, which is defined by the accumulation of private property and wealth at all costs, can there really be an equitable solution to great social ills like disease, poverty, destruction from natural disasters, etc? I think that's an important consideration. Anyways, cheers!

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LOL! stupid F*ckers! If you hate EA so much stop giving them MONEY! instead of b*tching about it!

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you guys know what i like about playing battlefield 4 on the pc?......... IT WORKS!!! guess its a good thing i didn't buy a console.

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To the people saying "the companies won't release a cure because they won't make money like they would from long term treatment". Frankly that statement doesn't apply to places with free healthcare. England has free/tax paid healthcare and would benefit from a cure, as they wouldn't have to pay for lengthy treatments.

And if you're whining and bitching with your conspiracies about "how the REAL companies act" maybe its because you're of a similar mentality and would behave that way yourself if given the chance. The same way cheaters often worry that they're being cheated on.

And to the people who believe their games are more important than human life, lets hope you're never in the position of needing a cure, only to be told to go **** yourself. Because you would have asked for it.

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lol 69 people listening

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We haven't found the cure for cancer or.............. they've found the cure just they don't tell you about it because if they did they would be out of the job lmao.

Conspiracy theory's are funny but guys.... i'm joking don't take the comment seriously because I know sense of humor on this site is pretty much none existent just a heads up.

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Probably the best and most important feedbackula ever well done johnny haven't always agreed with your points but your bang on here.

Can't believe the stupidity and self-centredness of some of our community. Hopefully the next gen with it's facebook connected and extra social aspects will help get rid of the faceless hatred some people seem to have for whatever reason.

Too much noise from antisocial gamers who hide from public and wear tinfoil hats give the rest of us a bad name.

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off topic. Nice SP Shirt. on topic. after watching this and than reading the commits below I no longer want to visit this site because of the shear amount of morally bankrupt ass hats that have infested it.

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geez Louise there are some asshole gamers that have reached new heights

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Nice that the Internet is so full of people with MDs to lend their esteemed medical knowledge to discussions on video game websites about the "truth" behind cancer research. *eyeroll*

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No offense but that guy was right. Some types of cancer are cureable and I believe that public wont get the full treatment in the future. Why not? Because its expensive for healthcare companies and pharmaceutical industry. It's better to treat you for long term (more money). If they would cure your cancer within 2 months it wont be profitable, it's better to cure you for 5+years - more profitable - if you dont agree you are just blind, if you do not believe this example with cancer I will give you another example. High blood pressure, many people have this health problem. How many people were cured from this? Well the number is very very small like 5% from dozens of milions people and why? As I wrote above its more profitable to keep the high pressure controlled forever. You get pills/treatment which keep your high pressure at normal level but if you stop taking these pills blood pressure will go up again. Simply it's more profitable if they would cure everybody with blood pressure within few months they would lost billions of USD per year - and thats why the high BP is not cured but only controlled like all other "common diseases". If you saw documentary movie Sicko from Michael Moore. You will see how it works in the USA and we are talking about normal healthcare.

Another guy was right too. EA didnt donate single dollar. They offered humble bundle pack and if the buyer selected that he want to contribute for the cancer research and how many he simply could. It's another stupid move from EA to play on the human note but everybody knows that they are useless retards, killing game quality, releasing stupid, boring easy games which are full of bugs. Without Battlefield EA would probably end soon. Luckilly last BF is so big fail that maybe in the next release people will be smarter and wont buy another piece of shit game.

And we are on GS so I think that the negative comments against EA are legitimate.

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@BattleOverlord You are an idiot.

I dare you to say that face to face to people who are slowly dying day after day in chemotherapy and treatment to cancer.

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@chaosbrigade @BattleOverlord Dont know what you mean as you can see English is not my native language maybe I did not express in that way i wanted.

I'am saying that there is cure (not chemotherapy) for specific types of cancer (not for every cancer). And this treatment is not and probably wont be available to the public (because of what I wrote in my first comment about the companies).

I know that cancer is harsh thing for people and usually people who suffers from cancer are good men and women who wont deserve this.

And I'am sorry but its the whole truth the treatment is here and could be for all people with cancer but its not the interrest of healthcare companies and pharcmaceutical concerns.

These companies need these peoeple ill not healthy...I'am sorry for them but money rule the world.

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@BattleOverlord And so we have another conspiracy theorist...

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well mister horse shit im afraid that there is cure for cancer and i am afraid that you wont be seeing it or anyone else in that matter maybe only some really really really rich Illuminati Bastards but its okay you can live in a lie and think EA is one of the good guys and that some one somewhere is actually doing something to find a cure for cancer pff... yeah right its like they never Created HIV to actually depopulate the earth well guess that did not work guess whats next WWIII

and EA Fix the Fu**** game....

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@iAnej What?

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Feel free to look it up. Charities in America only need to donate 15% of the money they collect to the cause they supposedly represent. CEOs of charities are amongst the highest paid positions in America. Your "free" blood donations are sold to hospitals for $150/pint. It takes about $10-$20 to test/store the blood. It's likely, that your donation to your favorite charity supports the lifestyle of a CEO more than it does to forward your cause. Sure everyone wants to see a cure for cancer... but no one ever speaks out about the waste. The waste won't stop until people stop mindlessly throwing money at something.

As stated, sure it's nice EA donated $1.65 million dollars to a charity. Sure we should be happy about it. Sadly, we are not, because ultimately the donation is lie. Charities provide kickbacks to the donors and tax shelters for the donating company. Some EA CEO got a roundabout check from this donation. The charity gave a huge bonus to their CEO and a handful of researchers got a few scraps. Further, EA didn't really donate their money and they profited far in excess of the money they donated.

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Look up monsanto, that's the company causing cancer in people with a healthy lifestyle. Tho hes right, a cure for cancer will never be public at least not in the US with companies running the show. Medicine is "for profit". They can cure alot of people from illnesses but they choice to keep them taking drugs their whole lifetime to make money. When human health is an for- profit business "cures" will never be released to us common people.

That's just the way the US system is right now. Harsh truth.

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@kytomasi Agreed bro it's not just US other countries are also following same practice

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my earlier comment said nothing deriding the donation, if you people are including me here. what I meant is that EA spent nothing here on cancer research. The transactions, though still a sale, were for items they already made a profit from paid all applicable expenses and so. The donation now gives EA a free tax break when they paid none of their own cash to support it because you did. Other's comments here are true. The altruistic charity organization is a thing of the past!

About .30 cents of every dollar donated to charity organizations like Red Cross go to the actual charity listed and the rest goes right into the pocket of the CEO of that company. Heck, scientists make more money mixing chemicals for food companies than health research, have you seen that documentary about Cokeacola? If the amount of money that went to food research or marketing research went to cancer or other severe illness research we would probably be immortal by now.

Again I never said anything bad about EA for donating but their net income and overall bottom line will not be affected by it.

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they should have donated ten times as much an not told us about it

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Not Surprisingly, I've read a lot worse and dumber things in here. So this feels normal.