Far Cry Primal First Gameplay Trailer - The Game Awards 2015

Check out the newest trailer for Far Cry Primal, seen at the Video Game Awards even in LA.

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Your commenting system is broken so I can't post a reply, your video is auto-play, and the video ads are getting around my adblocker. Fix your shit

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This looks different I like.

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Totally disappointing... and to see these animals with horrendous hair makes me want to puke. Just a bunch of animals roaring and nothing compelling.

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@Truth_Hurts_U: Wait for the Nvidia hairworks trailer. hehe :)

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I don't know how to feel about this, all i really noticed was the re used kill animations from the animals and backstabs, but it might be good.

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Always wanted a game like this.. having an animal that you raise and level up while fighting others.. I hope the online is filled with people with custom animals in an MMO type setting... dream big.. I will be following this game