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Far Cry New Dawn Quick Tips

From where to find ethanol to which perks should choose, here are our tips for making the most of your time in Hope County!

Far Cry New Dawn is the sequel to last year's Far Cry 5, taking place 17 years after the events of a nuclear apocalypse that devastated Hope County, Montana. Despite taking place in the same setting and including familiar weapons and allies, New Dawn introduces several new mechanics and features that can take some getting used to.

In the video above, Jess McDonell goes over several handy tips to help you survive Hope County. Whether or not you've completed Far Cry 5, these pieces of advice will save you time and a headache when jumping into New Dawn.

First and foremost, collect ethanol. This seemingly normal resource is the only means of acquiring better weapons, and you'll need it to advance the story as well. The best way to stock up is by completing enemy outposts, and you'll get a bonus if you can do so without setting off alarms or being detected. At the beginning of New Dawn, you'll be able to scavenge these outposts for extra ethanol and while that means handing the location back over to the Highwaymen, they won't be too hard to take down again.

Speaking of better weapons, you'll want to upgrade your weapons workshop as quickly as you can. Unlocking a third weapon slot in your inventory and the lock-picking skill are great early-game decisions as well. The best way to unlock these new perks is with treasure hunts, which are most easily found through ally intel. If you see someone with a blue exclamation point over their head, don't ignore them! Better to nab the intel early on as you come across them than try to find them when you need some perk points. In fact, this philosophy can be applied to scavenging too. If you see something you can pick up, grab it. In that regard, bring you dog companion Timber along with you, as he'll help you discover any hidden piles of crafting material you may have missed.

All these tips, and more, are explained in greater detail in the video above. Be sure to watch it before getting too far into Far Cry New Dawn. And if you're still on the fence about buying it, you can read our Far Cry New Dawn review.