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Far Cry 5's Nick Rye Talks About Finding Hurk's Junk Lost On Mars

Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC on PC, PS4, and Xbox One features voice actor Steve Byers who swung by to talk about alien queens, yeti, and exploding cows.

Taking a page from Far Cry 3's Blood Dragon DLC, Ubisoft is getting weird with Far Cry 5's expansions. The first of the bunch, titled Lost On Mars, takes PS4, Xbox One, and PC players to another planet--Mars, in case it wasn't obvious from the title. Far Cry 5 is all about giving the player to opportunity to do tackle an open-world in any way they see fit and, along the way, it presents weird and wonderful scenarios to spice things up. As you can imagine, setting the DLC on Mars also provides ample opportunity to get a bit strange.

To talk about some of this, GameSpot spoke to voice actor Steve Byers, who plays Nick Rye in Far Cry 5. In the main game he's one of the many NPC characters you recruit to your cause and, being a pilot, is pretty handy for providing air support. In Lost On Mars, however, Nick is the main character, and is charged with stopping an alien invasion along with Hurk.

In our interview, Byers talks about the weirdest aspects of the DLC and Far Cry 5 as a whole, touch on alien queens, yetis and, of course, exploding cows. If you haven't already, you can watch the Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars DLC's opening here.

The other DLC for the game is equally weird. For example, Dead Living Zombies is set to release in August and, again, as the name implies involves a threat from zombies. There has also been a Vietnam-themed mission. GameSpot's Far Cry 5 review praised its gunplay and beautiful open world, though it also highlighted some major narrative hang-ups and story missions that were sub-par.