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Far Cry 5 Vietnam DLC Hours Of Darkness: Opening Cutscene And Gameplay

Check out the beginning of Far Cry 5's first DLC expansion, Hours of Darkness.

Far Cry 5's first expansion is about to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and now we're getting a look at its opening cutscene and initial gameplay. In the video above, you can see exactly what Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness's Vietnam setting looks like, complete with bombing runs and a daring escape.

In Hours of Darkness, you play as Wendell "Red" Redler, from Far Cry 5's main story, during the Vietnam War. As revealed at the start of the expansion, Red's helicopter is shot down and he is captured. After witnessing one of his squadmates being executed, a bombing run hits the camp and Red is able to escape. The DLC revolves around Red's efforts to rescue his fellow soldiers, securing camps and fighting enemies throughout the jungle.

The DLC is playable in solo or co-op mode, like the main game, but will also feature new gear and abilities. There are two new modes, as well, to play after you finish the story: Survivor Mode is a more challenging version of the game that limits your loadout, while Action Move Mode takes things to a new level and gives you much more loadout. All Far Cry 5 players, whether you buy the DLC or not, will receive Vietnam-themed content for Far Cry Arcade, which you can use to make more maps.

Hours of Darkness releases on June 5 and will cost $12. It's also included with the game's Season Pass, which costs $30, and its Gold Edition, which costs $90. Players can expect two more expansions for Far Cry 5, too; Lost on Mars will have you fighting aliens, while Dead Living Zombies will pit you against, you guessed it, zombies.