Far Cry 5 - Super Moose On Drugs Gameplay

Far Cry 5 may have been delayed, but don’t judge lest ye be judged by The Judge Moose mission.

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    Hope Far Cry 5 will be optimazed not only for 1070 Ti and PS https://youtu.be/E5v-bKrNpqU

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    wait, why is the player drugged too

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    @iRtehOWN: idk but got the impression that the fog was pretty much just a cloud of cocaine.

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    Why do all of Ubisofts games all seem the same now?

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    @IanNottinghamX: that's why I haven't bought in an Ubi game since the letdown WD

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    @IanNottinghamX: It looks absolutely identical to 3 and 4 in a slightly different setting.

    Damn, I was almost excited for the changes in this one, but should have known better, I guess.

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    @IanNottinghamX: For years now we've been playing the same game, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, WatchDogs same game different skin.

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    @couly: Agreed, far cry 3 was good but since they've just reskinned and game with less compelling convoluted story lines. Really disappointed.

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    the game seems already downgraded

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    Claimed that outpost, then an idiot supporter slams right into the sign at 2:41


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    this game looks great.....