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I have dreams like this. Except no wingsuit. I float on the wind all on my own! And also, no branches to the face... That would be unpleasant.

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eagle eat face?

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@Arsyad00 If you've seen any of the Now Playing gameplay, there are eagles that fly down and attack you. Tigers and bears I can understand but man eating eagles just seems stupid to me.

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@e5115271 @Arsyad00 They do it in real life.. I've been swooped at by hawks as well. ~from wisconsin.

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Yay! for wingsuits! And thank God for trees with no substance.

I hope that with Ubisoft's goal of weaponising animals you'll be able to lead a squadron of flying squirrels on a bombing run to drop exploding nuts.

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that texture pop-in...

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@PeterDuck Who cares.

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When you yourself see a visual glitch which hurts the experience of a game, don't be caught complaining.

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Hmm, next video about to play was titled Beat Far Cry 4 in 15 minutes, but I don't see it on Gamespot yet. I let it load but it just went to an article about PSN.

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@hystavito GS seem to have removed the video. Basically if you wait in the starting area for 13 minutes, an NPC leads you to a helicopter and takes you to an area, gives you some very spoiler-ish info, and the credits roll. It's kind of a hidden ending I suppose.

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that was great

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First was the best. And first.