Fan Theories - Stranger Things 3 Takes Place In Starcourt Mall And Will Have Zombies

Will Stranger Things season 3 revolve around a shopping mall? Chastity explains her favorite fan theory about how Starcourt Mall is a main focus, with a season ending epic battle against zombies!

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So it'll be Stranger Things: The Dead Rising?

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Here's to hoping for a Samwise zombie.

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I'm all for a 80's mall setting but zombies I hope not that will kill the show for me.

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Does this show really need a season 3?

Season 2 was essentially season 1 on a larger scale, for it to work I think they really need to change it up in some significant manner.

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🍧🧟‍♂️🍦🧟‍♀️🍨 = 🤯

The D&D element is as important to me in the show as the occult presence in the show and I'm praying that if zombies are the mainstay of this series that they don't overdo it to the point of cheesy TV.