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Fallout 76 Gets 2019 Roadmap And Stash Size Patch - GS News Update

Bethesda gives us a look at their upcoming road map and provides us with some patch notes.

Fallout 76 is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.Given its subpar release in November, Bethesda has released their 2019 roadmap followed by their upcoming list of patch notes including, stash size patch, wanted system adjustments and many more notes. The first expansion is set to come out March 15th.

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GS News UpdatesLily Zaldivar on Google+
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kill it already, Bethesda! Having Fallout on the title of this atrocity is borderline scam. someone make it go away! :(

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There's still a possibility that this game could be great but they need to really focus on the core game and do a lot of work before even thinking about releasing and new content.

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Hello? F*cks Warehouse?

Yes, I was calling to see if there were any f*cks left for me to give about Fallout 76 and the miserable imbeciles responsible for its inception?

No? There's no f*cks available at the moment?

OK, thanks for checking. *Click*

Sorry Bethesda, but until you either refund me for the disgusting abomination that is Fallout 76, or let me b*tchslap the taste out of Todd Howard's mouth, then I have no further business with you.

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@aegis_kleais: I love this.

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This game simply can't be good without a shut down and a complete rework (kind of like Final Fantasy XIV did it). The problems lie too deep at the very core, starting with the game engine itself.

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@Berserk8989: wholeheartedly agree

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I like Lily's voice :) Still makes me feel sad to hear about Fallout 76, although some of these additions sound interesting. I have never bought or played it, but still can't believe they made it MP only :/

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Still not touching the game again until they fix the power armor weight bug that's been in the game since launch. How they keep overlooking one of the most annoying bugs in the game is beyond me.

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Is the game dead already? I've haven't played it yet. I am waiting for a price drop.

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@KoRniTo: The game regularly goes on sale for like 10$ at the PSN store.

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@Milknweed: At that price, the game should come with a free $10 credit.

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