Fallout 4 - Base Building Beginners Guide

Rebuild civilization, craft powerful weapons, set up trade routes, and lead your people.

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Video player sucks big dick. Fix it.

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Good video.

Bad video player.

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The best protip ever: Learn to use foundations. They will eliminate almost any frustrations with the building other than fences and the janky wall placements.

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fucking assassins creed commercial with this horrible hooligan music fight scene....gamestop, don't make me become a assassins creed hater as an assassins creed fan... stop playing that shit each time before I watch a fucking clip of yours.

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This game is so awesome. Bethesda has taken ideas from the mod community and solidified it perfectly in fallout 4. I didn't realize how immense the bases could become.

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Can decide if I want to focus on this during my first play through or second one...

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Superb intel, thanks Aaron Sampson.

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I think I'll end up messing with this a lot.

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good advice