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I've only seen the highlight reels of these. How long was Johnny actually playing?

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Ah Tomb Raider 3.... Easily my favorite game in the series! The challenging level design, the gameplay was at it's peak my opinion and the difficulty was just right for me, so rewarding! Memories :)

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this game is great

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Dear Johnny, I always seem to miss the live streams; want full version.

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can't wait for you guys to reach the new one XD

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Well, I've played through all of them and I've got to say that TR 3 was the most challenging hands down. The confusing level design and merciless difficulty of that game was really something else.

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it needed that for his family ..OMG I almost died laughing there XD

im a horrible person :P

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"Down the hole, down the hole...I think the hole was the wrong way to go" made my day :D

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uuurgh bad aspect ratio!

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gamespot uk guys are the best.

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I have to admit its pretty fun watching these

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needs more cliff diving

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Johnny, I know you hate these games but I can tell you've been practicing because you've improved so much from Tomb Raider II. Well done! It's nice to see the game actually looking decent. I played Tomb Raider III on PS1 and the graphics were absolutely awful. Also during some cut-scenes the audio would lag behind the video. Be happy you played it on a PC. =)

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one of my favorites !

i loved the first 4 and passed them more then once

they were hard and challenging.

they should make more games like that and not stupid games with awesome graphics and 4 hours game play...

i really hope the new one wont be crap..

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@iAnej "passed them more then once". What? That makes absolutely no sense.

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oh yeah, i remember playing this when i was 7-8, i still get scared when i think of the shiva thingy statues coming to life those bastards with the 4 arms, oh man.

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Why such long delay between episodes. Gamespot taking it too easy on Johnny. Bring in the fourth quick, hilarious videos.

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@TRUESTEYE Johnny was sick last week, so he couldn't stream. Easy thur!

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Well, side effect of playing Tomb Raiders, Should've known. Brave Johnny.

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Show the chest off ??? really ??? wow the internet really brings out the virgin in some people :/

I cant believe people get off from mis-shapen polygonal images. You sad individual.

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Even when I was a kid I can say this was by far the most difficult TR. I had to use cheats to play it!

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I remember this game. When I started the training mission, Lara said "Welcome to my home..." over and over and over again until I could take it no more, shut the game off and tossed it in the bin. "Welcome to my home. Welcome to my home. Welcome to my home. Welc--" ::click::

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The original Tomb Raider series isn't for everybody, but it's one of the most mentally-challenging platformers ever made. Win Tomb Raider 1-4 without ever using a strategy guide and you feel like a genius all week.

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@Taegre Though i never thought of it as to be one of the platformers, i always considered it to be a puzzle-based action-adventure, just like Portal now. TR for me is puzzle game but presented in a 3rd person action-adventure style. :)

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I've got to say, the PC version would probably play better with a PC game pad.

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Aside from the vehicles parts, TR3 had some great level design.

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well obviously, tomb raider 3 was trash in 98 and it's trash now.

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youre an idiot. Id like to see you make a better game you whiney little bitch. youre lucky i dont kick the shit out of you

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@djpetitte settle down pipsqueak...3 was trash compared to 1 & 2.

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haha I did PMSL watching you play this game:) this series definitely destroys your "composure":D try to work on it lol origami perhaps?

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Johnny really really REALLY sucks!

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this 2 guys annoying as hell...

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@razielmn are u joking???

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I think the only reason I enjoy these videos is because of their accents lol

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This is the best of all the tomb raiders, hands down.

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@bfa1509 no way 2 was the golden Tomb Raider game

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@LoganWesker @bfa1509 I have to disagree with you pal. TR2 was probably my third favorite after the original tomb raider. I didnt really enjoy the Venice or the under-sea levels. Whereas TR3 scarred me for life in a good way with levels such as: Crash site, Nevada, Area 51, RX Tech mines, High Security compound etc. Also TR3 is the only tombraider game to have tough bosses scattered all over the game. Also having the choice of which continent to go to next was a nice touch. TR3 also had the best Croft Manor: I will never forget how rewarding it was when I finally got that pesky key.

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Get in the Freezer Woodhouse!!

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I understande that the concept of your tomb raider videos is that it is ment to be funny because you suck so bad at the game, but man...you could at least play it with a controller. Could be ruining the concept though.

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This is some great stuff.

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Wow... just check out the review GS has uploaded for this game. It's like the worst review I've ever seen, it tells you exactly nothing about the game, except that it's similar to the first 2 in the series... wtf?!

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@pal_080 Most reviews of the older games are like this. Gmaestop started posting better reviews after 2002-3...

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@pal_080 the reviews in the old times are like that..just like they said in Twisted Metal 2

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Awesome game for that time.

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Tomb Raider 3 has better dynamic lighting than Aliens Colonial Marines

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thank you, .i had almost had forgotten.

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Is there some way to know when the live shows are held? I seem to miss them all the time.

And I WANT to watch Johnny live!

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if you open up a can of pepsi, you will be able to drink it.

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I really hope the new TR is something like this one. You walk around in the jungle then notice a monkey run into folliages or simply see that vegetation is hiding a pathway that opens into a secret tomb with puzzles/platforming etc. Im really not looking for another scripted,linear movie-like game with the name of tomb raider..

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