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im pretty sure it will be a dissapointment if i play it, it would be a great game if it wasnt so short like fable 1&2 :S

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I wanted the dog to have harems of women round it whilst it destroys all in it's path.

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Kinect is a gimmick. It's just an attempt to put the nail in Nintendo's coffin. I hope the motion controller phase passes soon.

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damn its good game with good story i hope it wont faill

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Wow interested

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@dead eye167 yeah it does sound like he says i'm sir peter molyeux maybe he's preparing for the future but fable 3 will have to be good to get him a knighthood.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I thought fable was great I thought fable 2 was great I now think fable 3 is AWESOME =D but I hope that you can customize your face this time!

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I think Fable 3 looks pretty cool but I'm going to miss the fantasy aspect :(

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It's funny how he said "I love" 10 time in the firsy minute and 10 seconds lol. Did anyone see the weapons in the game, cause they look amazingly awesome. They all look like company created weapons and they look amazing. And the character looks awesome in the good and evil forms.

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Good old Molynator. Sometime I think when he gives these interviews his team are on the edge of their seats, waiting for him to make some grand claim about the next Fable lol

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Fable 2 did have gaping flaws like the magic system, i loved it on the first game but hardly used it on 2 because it was too clunky. Its great he is openly critiquing his own work, I just think it seems like hes trying to hype up 3 cleverly... Wether he is or not is beside the point, I preordered it after watching this ^^

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I think Peter Molyneux is really good when he comes down to games, he always like to improve of its predecessor, and is excellent at being his own critic :-) I can't wait for the game to come out :D I hope the P.C. date is still the same as the Xbox one...

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I want this to come out now... D=

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I hate this guy. He talks up his games like they are unbelievable, and neither of the Fables lived up to any expectations at all. Fable is an incredibly shallow RPG in my opinion, zero customization with gimmicky features.

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there's a few sentences in there where he could be exaggerating, but hey, WTF can you do about it? I honestly think the series has gotten better and better, Fable 2- Fable 1 was more of a difference than a matter of quality, but this... well!!! :D The only thing I'm scared about is when he said that you confront the king and there is a huge battle... Maybe he's lying :( or exaggerating

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Peter M is a dreamer, but we need dreamers, they make us try new things and go in directions we wouldn't normally go. It doesn't always work out, but sometimes it does, and that's great. Really looking forward to this game, going to pre-order the collectors edition.

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@SquigleyG Completely agree. The moment I heard they were trying to incorporate kinect into this, my heart sank. Its preferable for them to do what they know well rather than trying to use kinect and end up with a game people can't play or simply don't want to

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Thank god they don't really give a damn about Kinect.

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@jokerzrus: That's just him trying to identify pivotal mistakes in the design process. Or rather, features that flopped that he couldn;t have predicted. he's not talking about making Fable 3 perfect, just that he's trying to refine the creative process. Of course Fable 3 WILL have mistakes, it will have mistakes that Fable 2 didn't, and in Fable 4 we'll hopfully see a fix of those mistakes; but Fable 4 will also have its own unique mistakes that we won't see in Fable 5, and so on and so forth. At least he's come out and said there was stuff that obviously didn't work and they're going to try and fix that, rather than other companies who release horrible games and try and sell them as if they're perfect.

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@Allbritt0n agreed, too many damn games are casual these days, we the hardcore gamers are being neglected.

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I guess you want your players to use all the options in the game, just because they don't, dosen't mean those options are failures... just that maybe the players didn't want to use them, or whatever... some ppl like to so customize their character their player, I am on the fence about this game, i am not sure if i want to go with this game... at the end when he was talking about kinect, was he meaning there wasn't going to be support for it, or there is going to be support for kinect?

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he seemed a bit under the weather?

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Long live the chicken!

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After Fable 2 i sorta lost faith in the franschise... But damn im all hyped up again! Everything seems so much better! But thats how i felt for Fable 2 so i shouldnt hope for too much i guess.... But damn! :)

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Everytime i think of this guy (Peter) i think of Rowan Atkinson hahahha i dont know why but w.e.

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I changed my mind.I think this time we can rely on him a little more,let us give him one more chance.

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those wings are bad ass! finally us "good" players get some bad ass features instead of butterflies and a halo >.

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Fable 3 is really looking great, and it's good that Peter is trying to improve from Fable 2, learning from his mistakes. But how do we not know he'll do the same thing with Fable 4? "Fable 3 is rubbish because of Blah Blah Blah, and it's now going to be way better in Fable 4".

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It rubs the lotion on it's skin unless it wants the hose again...

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fable 3 going to be good

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I hope the story isn't short and is intersting and dramatic as thats where i feel Fable 2 fell short.

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All i ask of Peter is to not turn Fable into a casual game.

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I like how Peter Molyneux is always out in front of his games and products. hes one of my fav game diectors, fables not the best game but i like how he repersents his componey.

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1 thing i hated about fable II was your character looked ugly as hell, i want armor to look cool, not gay ass clothes.. i wear clothes in real life i cant wear armor in real life without looking like i have a mental illness.. thats why games are suppose to let me do that. If he doesnt add armor back in fable III & take his BS clothes out i am not buying it.

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Good stuff, but it sounds like he thinks the average gamer is a stupid idiot. I am looking forward to this one...

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Out of curiousity, how long is "a few weeks" in gaming world time?

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OFC the dog don't have super powers it FABLE not Superman

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i love the way Molyneux talks :D he would make an awesome story teller :D

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Peter Molyneux is such a compulsive liar that we can't really believe anything he says about Fable III, we'll just have to wait until it gets here. Peter Molyneux has been lying to oversell his products since Black and White, maybe even before, and if you listen to his lies it will cause you not to enjoy the game because you'll go in expecting something he can't really deliver on.

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He's saying 'Kinect' lolz. Can't wait, I loved the original Fable, Fable 2 was a bit meh, but this looks really good.

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You expect too much from the Halo generation, Peter...

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Fable III will be epic. That is a fact. On a side note anyone else notice how it almost sounds like he says I'm Sir Peter Molyneux right at the end?

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hehe, super bark...now that would have been funny. What I really like about this is that there will be no knect! I pre-ordered the collectors edition, I can't wait!!!

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:D !!! this is gunna be a great game, and it looks like it has the map table from fable the lost chapters! i realy dont want fable to end it needs to get up to fable 6 at least...

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LOL..he is saying that Fable 2 sucked...well he's right....and by the look of it, Fable 3 is going to be a fail too...Peter ur too old dude!!!!U dont understand what a gamer wants from a game...

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hes tallking about kinect nafe not connect its the new no controls xbox 360 motion camera

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My only real issue with any of the Fable games is that the main story is too short. Other than that, everything else is great, and I really like Molyneux.

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british accent is something else :)

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What is this connect he was talking about?

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