F1 2011 - Gameplay Trailer

This trailer re-creates some of the greatest moments from this year's FIA Formula One Championship currently taking place around the globe.

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welcome to reality

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VETTEL is the winner.. (again) --"

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Yeah!!!! F1 is back baby can't wait!!!!

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Hey guys im braeden Co-Owner of Narl.webs.com and we are looking for fast and clean drivers to race in the 2nd season of F1. This is a PS3 league if you have any questions go to Narl.webs.com and PM me, my name is braeden.

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are they doing anythink about the fact that two tracks arnt going to be used next year, they have the tracks to replace them (one was in 2010) so i hope it in

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Finally a podium celebration, that's what I'm talking about!

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OMG I saw an actual safety car

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I hope the graphics are better on PC.

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I hope they can do something like NBA 2K12 with their future F1 games, with some drivers and cars from the past decades, all those legends that we can enjoy. Drivers: Senna, Prost, Lauda... Teams: Cars from those turbo & ground effect era...

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I like how the used events of this season to show off the game... lol lewis and jenson colliding in canada! 1:52

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@edulink i should've said that. It's edited but it's clearly game play. That will be how the game plays and looks. Saying it isn't game play is daft.

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@SilverSignal and @ICE_PREDATOR You are both right, in a way... these are in-game footage edited, so it shows how the engine plays.. but you don't get a GAMER feeling of essential Gameplay, which makes this a useless trailer as it was the last one...

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@ICE_PREDATOR you're seriously saying that isn't game play? It's in-game footage of races likely using the replay feature. THAT IS GAME PLAY. The trailer has game play in it. I could go on all day...

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@SilverSignal , yes I did and I don't know what's your definition for GAMEPLAY but what's being shown above is all video edited. Here's a good ideea , why don't you try searching GAMEPLAY on youtube to see what it really means.

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Codemasters you brilliant people:D Looks like the possibility for another hit. Looking forward to this.

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@ICE_PREDATOR did you even watch the trailer?

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so where's the gameplay?