EyePet - E3 2010 Demo

Be sure to take care of your little pet with Randy and Petro from E3 2010.

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this game looks great, and it comes out right around my birthday!

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Also, I do wonder if a rather unscrupulous player can fabricate an automaton, programmed to have a schedule of sorts for the Eye-Pet. It's frivolous and trivial, of course, but there would be people who would want to see if the Move and Eye devices can be tricked (& subsequently) exploited using non-human 'players'. If successful, this exploit can theoretically be extended to, for example, Move-powered MMOs that happen to have activities that the player can repeat with little motion, i.e. the scoundrel of a player is effectively using a 'bot' of the physical kind. Such a method of cheating is far harder to detect than, say, using a digital bot (unless Sony taps into the Eye, which is a freedom-infringing criminal act). Incidentally, this can also be extended to Kinect. Such exploits have been done before; << LINK REMOVED >> for example.

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I have always wanted to look how Randolph Ramsay would look like sitting on the floor. The cross-legged posture is a wise choice, as it relieves stress from the hips (though the ankles may be injured after a long while). It also provides a handy elbow-rest too, if discomfort to thigh flanks can be tolerated for a while.

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The new additions look great. Without the move i find the game to be frustrating, especially when you can't get past the first few challenges because the pet wont respond to your gestures. And the camera didn't always perceive your drawings correctly and large portions could be missing for no apparent reason.

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both the augmented reality and the user input (drawing the plane, for example) seem sloppy and clunky. not to mention how beyond cheesy it is. the only noteworthy thing is perhaps the lack of markers for some of the in game items (besides the wand that is). I'd just love to see it used in a more... serious manner.

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OK must admit that is basically 'eat up with cute' as we say in the South. If you want a pet but cannot have one, this might help capture that feeling. Anyone who loves pets should get a trophy by default cause you totally deserve it.

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This is awasome!!!!!!

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Wow that's weird. O_o Pretty sure I got a few nieces and nephews that would like this.

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Friggin' awesome! I want to see more of the move controls! Sony can definitely compete with Nintendo in motion controls now, but I wonder if Microsoft's Natal is on the same level or better :P

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oh wow my lil cousins would LOVE this, heck - I might like this XD

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man this game is so old O_o does it realy needs move controls? i mean you can do all these things with the cards includet with the game.

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Really cute game

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Not impressed w/ the cursor tracking - I remember Sony saying something about it being 1:1, or maybe its just my memory that is completely off

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LOL when the video first started, a ad for COD: Black Ops came up. I thought "Woah Eyepet has certainly changed!" I was wrong -_-

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Good for kids or extremely casual gamers I suppose. Not for me...although monkeys are pretty awesome.

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looks nice!