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Expanded No Man's Sky Online Mode Teased - GS News Update

No Man's Sky incoming expansion Beyond teases a newly revised Online Mode

Hello Games teased its incoming update for No Man's Sky called "Beyond" that is planned for a summer release. In a blog post, Hello Games said it originally planned to release three large features and has instead now rolled them all into one expansion. We know that one is called No Man’s Sky Online. The newly revised online component is not a shift to an MMO but does allow players to meet up and play together easily.

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Bethesda and EA - THIS is how it’s done. When you release a game too early, you admit that mistake do the right thing by fixing it. The devs on No Man’s Sky redeemed themseves and earned forgivness and respect.

And they did it with a small team and little money, so what the hell is your excuse?