Everything You Need to Know About Metal Gear Online In 2 Minutes

Here's everything you need to know before you take your tactical espionage smarts online with Big Boss and friends.

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In 2 Minutes
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Imagine run and gun except everyone is running and gunning while invisible. fuuuun?

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I see instances of very little teamwork coupled with little experience which makes for a frustrating time when you are carrying the team. Furthermore, I see people warping across the map from mad lag as well as random CQC battles probably chalked up to lag. Seems like the matchmaking is very stupid at times as well and random crashes and freezes. I am sure it will get better as the weeks go on, but as of now I rate it a 7/10. It is fun as hell when you got a good team along with no crashes, lag, freezes, etc. But, half the battle is trying to get into a game to see if you can avoid all these mishaps.

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It's alright, but the problem is that I've played with people that barely uses tactics and instead run and shoot like a headless chicken.

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@cboye18: those are the ones that will quit first , if you like mgs type multiplayer stick a while it gets so much better (my personal experience with ps3 MGO)

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Metal Gear Online is crack right now all I want to do is play!

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Anybody played it already? Firs impressions care to share? I'm still to busy playing the SP.

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@chris120379: Its fun, Hard as hell though. Infiltrator is far superior to any other class at the moment. They get stealth camo, increase sprint speed and distance and very accurate short range weapons. If you disliked the random nature of the gears of war 1 chainsaw melee you'll find the same here. The melee button is essentially random who wins and its very useful as fultoning people is encouraged.

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Buffering buffering. Never mind. Its not my speed. Need more servers gamespot?