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Everything to Know About Stray

Stray, the game that lets you finally live every gamer’s dream of being a kitty in a cyberpunk world, is nearly upon us. So to prepare you for the latest game from renowned publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer BlueTwelve Studios, here’s everything you need to know about Stray.

In terms of gameplay, Stray, like our feline friends in general, defies simple explanation; being a mashup of platforming, exploration, and puzzle solving. As well as a cat simulator, which we all know is the main reason we’re all going to play the game.

First and foremost, the game comes with a dedicated button that lets you meow. So don’t worry, the game has you covered there. You can even do it during cinematics, truly putting you into the mindset of a cat who doesn’t care for such arbitrary concerns like story and plot.

But, more importantly, while the game does contain platforming elements, most of the jumping and hopping around is triggered by button prompts rather than player control as you explore the city. The real focus is to have you explore the city, with the challenge coming from figuring out where to go, rather than how to navigate it. Initially, the game’s level start pretty straightforward and linear, but also contains more open-ended larger segments for your feline form to explore and uncover where you need to go.

Further, stray contains puzzle-elements, forcing you to try to figure out how to navigate through its world, such as pushing over plants as every cat does, or utilizing pulley systems to access new areas.

However, these exploration and navigation segments are not all lackadaisical. At certain points in the game, you’ll be put into a chase sequence, where you’ll have to make split second choices about where and when to jump, forcing you to time exactly when you need to take a path. At the same time, you won’t be able to engage in combat, so your only choice will be to escape. You’ll need to think quickly and make precise movement choices adding to the pressure. Is that adrenaline you’re feeling or just catnip talking.