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Everything To Know About Call Of Duty: Cold War’s Mid-Season 3 Update

Call of Duty’s mid-season 3 update is dropping new game modes, 80s action stars Rambo and John McClane, as well as a limited-timed Die Hard location to Warzone.

Call of Duty’s mid-season 3 update is dropping new game modes, 80s action stars, and limited-timed changes to Warzone. The John Rambo Pack includes the operator with two finishing moves, special blueprints for the Combat Knife, an LMG, and assault rifle. Die Hard’s John McClane also joins season 3 with his own operator bundle. It’ll include blueprints for the Fara 83, MP5, and one for an undisclosed tactical rifle that could be the AUG.

Limited time events and locations are coming to Warzone including Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza with missions such as disarming C4 on the building’s roof, finding special supply boxes and “interrupting an arms deal gone wrong.” The location will also include the Nakatomi Plaza vault that can be opened by players using special keycards. Also coming to Warzone is a smaller battle-royale mode called Power Grab with 100 players and no Gulag. Players can be revived with a Kill-Confirmed like system.

Cold War is getting new content including two new maps, Duga and Black Ops 2’s Standoff remake, the new killstreak Combat Bow, a new weapon the Ballistic Knife. Keeping in them, new game modes Die Hardpoint and Rambo’s Gun Game will be added to the mix. New secondary weapons that will also crossover to Warzone are the Baseball Bat and AMP63: Pistol. Finally there is a new Main Quest for Zombies. Make sure to head on over to GameSpot as the Season 3 progresses to find out more.