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Everything To Know About Apex Legends System Override In 3 Minutes

Ahead of the start of System Override Collection, learn about all the in-game changes and content coming in the Apex Legends limited-time event--including the new Deja Loot mode, Evo Shield, legendary skins, and Octane heirloom.

System Override Collection, the next limited-time event for Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation, begins on March 3. The new event adds plenty of fresh content to the game, though most of it will only be available for a couple of weeks.

In the video above, Jordan Ramée details everything new in System Override Collection. The most noteworthy addition is the new game mode, Deja Loot, but a brand-new heirloom for Octane and new heirloom system are pretty significant too.

If you're looking for items to unlock, Apex Legends' collection events are for you, as they all include 24 themed rare, epic, and legendary cosmetics that you can buy. System Override Collection is special, however, as it also follows the same pattern of Grand Soiree Arcade, which means it also has a prize track that allows you to earn a dozen more cosmetics through in-game challenges.

Just remember, you don't have all the time in the world to unlock the new cosmetics. System Override Collection ends March 17. For the first week, the Deja Loot mode will take place on World's Edge, while the second week will see the mode transition to Kings Canyon.