Every GameSpot Game Of The Year Until 2017

GameSpot has been around for a very long time, here is a video with every game we have every awarded with GameSpot's Game of the Year award.

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There's so much hate for Nintendo in the YouTube comments.

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As bad as they are now, Nintendo dominated GOTY most years

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Very unfair awarded some years, i had the impression that only RPG games mostly won't it in the past decade...

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HL2 didn't even deserve goty, it was so bland and overrated, the story was the only good thing about it the first time around, after that it's boring.

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Damn, reminds me of my peak gaming years!

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MAFIA for 2002??

The last of Us for 2013??

Uncharted 2 for 2009??

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Half Life 2 OR GTA San Andreas for 2004??

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In hindsight, Dark souls should have been 2011 game of the year. Dishonored, Hotline Miami or Sleeping dogs should have won 2012.

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@bfa1509: "Dishonored, Hotline Miami or Sleeping dogs should have won 2012."

A perfect reason why all the commenter comments regarding Top X lists must be invalidated. 3 games that have wildly fluctuating opinions. Granted, Journey isnt the most conventional GOTY on this list, but neither would Hotline be.

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Haha they forgot to label 2013's A Link Between Worlds

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Horizon is the best game of 2017.

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@spinierblaked: i truly don't understand the witcher 3 like praise horizon gets. i personally loved it and thought it was well done. solid 8.5

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@wrngsurgeon: And I don't understand the Witcher 3 like praise BoTW gets. It's nothing I haven't seen before. Solid 7. But you know what they say about opinions and assholes.

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@spinierblaked: Yeah.... It's not. It might be the best game "you" played. But it's not the best game this year, and it wouldn't be the best game of any other year, either.

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@spinierblaked: that far cry clone? Dont make me laugh.

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Stopped watching when Grim Fandango beat Half-Life in 1998.

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@mattsaroni24: Should have tapped out when Final Fantasy VII didn't win the year before.

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They were still doing only PC games at that time, I'm pretty sure.

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What in the name of zeus is this cringy-ass buzzfeed music.

Don't ever do this again Gamespot. Ever.

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@walidras: couldn't agree less

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2013 is missing the game name , its a zelda thou