EVE Online: Retribution Overview

Check out a tour of the CCP offices and see what the various teams are working on for EVE Online: Retribution.

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It's actually one of the best ways to go. You progress all the time, so no matter how busy you are, you're progressing at the same rate as everyone else. Rather then having to do some unhealthy 23/7 pvp grind to stay up to date. Skills can only be progressed so far, and only a handful will come into effect at a give time, , so in a month or so, you can be just as good (training-wise) as someone who's been playing for years. Then just work your "weight class" up till you're in the ship you want.

A lot of people misunderstand that and think they can never catch up...it's simply not like that.

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i wish this game didnt use time as xp.... such a big road block for me to even consider playing it competatively

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@SauhlGood I hear you there. Ive been playing off and on since 2004 and have a respectable amount of skillpoints. I know it sucks for new pilots starting out because you feel like you can't do anything worth while. But remember: the longer it takes you to try the game, the greater that divide grows. EVE is worth your attention, even if only for a 14 day free trial..