Escape From Mount Stupid: Star Wars Games

Everything you ever wanted to know about Star Wars games is in one handy video, presented by Danny O'Dwyer.

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Escape From Mount Stupid
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I love your videos Danny, I cannot believe how many Star Wars games there actually are out there; across so many platforms and genres. I have to admit I played pretty much ever RTS themed Star Wars games, and some of the old FPS ones on the PC. Hopefully with Disney buying the franchise to make new movies, the video games of the franchise will improve, but that is a dead-ward hope, it's Disney right? Anyway if anyone is interested, I have started my own video game blog site so if anyone is interested please give it a visit. Help a guy hoping some day to become a video game journalist, along with greats like Danny.


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Still one of my favourite episodes of this show...wookies know what's good :)

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Star Wars Obi Wan for Xbox wasnt horrible, also episode 1 the game was better than episode 1 the movie.

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no shadows of the empire? seriously? not even a mention? that game rocked so much face.

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They need to bring AT-AT's back!!

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There was this game where you had to buy this model of the Millennium

Falcon's cockpit that fit on top of your keyboard. Then you kinda played along with different scenes from the movie. But I cant remember the name.

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'Everything Danny-Boy knows including lame Star Wars jokes in one very short video.'

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I liked the Phantom Menace game o_o"

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Aww... no mention of Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Thok vs. Hoar

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Great show, the super star wars, xwing, and kotor series are the best followed closely by the dark forces/jedi academy series. I also played a lot of galactic battlegroud and empire at war. Star wars battlefront 1 and 2 were also lots of fun. The absolute worst game for me was episode 1 The phantom menace..Three games are missing shadows of the empire, a game i had on my ps1 that was called...........Star Wars Demolition (bad game) and force commander.

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Much better name for this show.

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super star wars series is still the best star wars series ever made

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my opinion i think star wars revenge of the saith 3 is one of the best game consider it has versus mode in it

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MMORPG!!!!! Lol

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these guides are a welcome hilarity

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i remember buying the episode 3 game in 2005 for my ps2. i had to convince my dad to let me buy it by saying that you could only kill 'robots'...which i think was true. oh, and battlefront I & II...deleting my save file when i sold my ps2 was a hard day. hundreds of hours, thousands of kills...gone. great, now i feel old.

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awesome. but you missed Bounty Hunter. That game rocked!

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super star wars was the first game I ever had on my SNES. I hated it because I was a child and couldn't beat the 3rd level.

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If it aint broke don't fix it... Exactly what Diablo 3 will be, more of the same & I CANT WAIT!. But I want KOTOR 3!?! Waa!... it is KOTOR 3! but BIGGER & BETTER!. Stop your whining already! & actually play the game yourself? & then decide. All I can say is WOW!... & no not the stupid kiddie panda game...

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I think he forgot Shadows of the Empire on N64. and I too like the pod racers....

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Danny, why hate the pod racer? Those were actually fun games

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danny you are the man!

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I used to play Star Wars Battlefront II all the time, it's such a good game.

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i have super star wars

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Awesome Bluffer's Guide!

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I just realized, you forgot Republic Commando! That was actually a pretty damn good game, squad based FPS, something relatively original for Star Wars.

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The Chewbacca at the end scared me -_-'..

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@ozspark I keep trying to forget that one...

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yet another utterly brilliant bluffer's guide. thx Danny ;)

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Danny, Just one question: Jedi or Sith?

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Star Wars Force Unleashed 1-2 are great games with great sequences...I don't think that you have spoke enough about it. Maybe the adventure for Star-Killer went smooth but the visualisations and effects were awsome.

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I wanted to hate lego starwars but goddamnit, its just too fun! Great video, if only Lucas showed this much love for his franchise.

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Danny you made my day. Star Wars Kid FTW!

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You forgot "Star Wars Super Bombad Racing"

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@griffinBalls, hrrmm I see, you're probably right, and I was the same way. I remember missing my grade 10 french class exam for Dark Forces haha!! :) Those were the days...

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Hey David! Where are Star Wars Rebellion and Force Commander? Please!Do more research next time. Good guide anyway, thank you.

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I can't believe people commenting actually liked Pod Racer. WTF. It was feckin DIRE

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@rufnek69 He didn't, he said it directly after mentioning dark forces 1, 2 and jedi outcast, it only got a brief mention but it was mentioned and gameplay shown, you must've thought it was outcast footage. I bloody loved that series, played it from dark forces 2 to academy, used to spend as long on Outcast multiplayer as kids these days do on CoD

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Can't believe he missed Jedi Academy!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Masters of Teras Kasi was pretty decent. And it was a fighting game in the MK style.

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Crackin' video as per! Anything with Danny's humour deserves a watch, and yet again it didn't fail to amuse. Brilliant :D

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@battlefrontphil its probably just because it didnt make much of an impact as star wars games go, it didnt sell very well nor did it spawn a franchise which puts it pretty far down in the deluge of star wars games out there. Shame really, it was the best star wars game I played to date

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the worst star wars game i've ever played is republic heroes.

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Shadows of the Empire probably should have been mentioned... I've always felt it was one of the best Star Wars games. I actually had that 1994 Star Wars chess game too btw... I think it took like 13 floppy disks to install or something lol.

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BIG fan of O'Dwyer's work. These bluffers videos are great. :)

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wow how did you find all these starwars games haha. Make Kotor3! finish the damn story!