Escape From Mount Stupid: Love and Sex

Everything you ever wanted to know about love and sex in video games. Warning: Contains scenes of digital nudity.

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Escape From Mount Stupid
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You said "struggling to pull it off" with a completely straight face. You realise its against the law to do a story on sex and not seize on every possible double entendre ?

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Sex in Video games is always so technically bizzare lol

Looks like trying to make barbie dolls have sex. Just wierd.

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play all the game in the review

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Oh shit this is funny as hell!

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The Japanese.....why does the game at the end say "Battle" in it?

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funny and informative

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uh.............................................................................. ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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whats the game at 07:38?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> the game you are looking fore is called Facade. :)

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Rapelay was made by Illusion, was a bit much of a game but the same can be said of most of Illusion games. I think I'll maintain playing The Witcher which the 2nd one was far more giving then the first one.

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I really love this episode.

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the witcher remains faithful to this problem

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thank you for this clip

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@DeadrisingX1 yup, good spot! :)

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remember theres no sex in the champagne room

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HAHA! Loved this! I was surprised at no mentions of some of the more mainstream titles like 3dSexvilla and Bonetown.

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lol was that a clip from The Room? :lol: (1:06)

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oh dat Daaaaanny and his B******'s guides! :) love the series !

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@predatorGS Fahrenheit is indigo prophecy. Just a different name

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Love this series, sadly this one scared me alittle.

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Good one.

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Great video.

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one of the best videos I ever seen..

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Fahrenheit has a "hot moment" as well...

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This made my whole day..thank you :lol:

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The Room!

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very clever fella , i really enjoy this bluffers guide

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another great show, keep the B*****r's guids commin.

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@WCK619 this segment is the opinion of Danny, so yea its a male perspective. When you make your own segment or try to work for this or anyother website, you can write to your perspective.

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wow 11 dislikes on my comment and not a single one of you could even say I was wrong. So just to shove it back in all your whiny faces again: While bringing attention to the misconceptions about gamers, this segment still only looks at the topic of sex in games from a stereotypical heterosexual male perspective. Prove me wrong.

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really good video...

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In some ways I think he's right: I mean, violence and gore are much more tolerated in videogames than sex!

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maybe we just dont want this...

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Dom and a Zombie....oh lord...necrophelia....

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best show on gamespot atm

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Also, sit on my avatar please.

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Nothin wrong with a Rap Battle!

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@DANNY O'DWYER Awesome dude,Please do more bluffers guides.

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@Smokescreened84 OMFG is this all you do? We had this argument about AC3. Just CHILL OUT. This video is not promoting sensless sex in video games, in fact it's bashing it. The idea is that a healthy mutual love between two people shouldn't be labeled as taboo or soft porn.

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I think its time they give more debt to taboo games than just click and sex :D

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yeeeeah, it's romance is more relevant. btw, I think in japan they have serious problems with relationships and the female being -> they use a lot of stereotypes n misconceptions about sex, tooooo bad ->weirdos jeje

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According to groups like Fox News, violence and discrimination is all OK, but a tame 5-second sex scene must bring the issue of "What our children are exposed to!". Such hypocrisy...

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@Smokescreened84 But there is no "medium" as to what is attractive to both male and female. I know plenty of girl gamers that love games like GTA4 and Gear of War, because that is their opinion. When I hear you say, "needs to move past this whole 'males only' nonsense and move to being more equal in how it attracts both male and female gamers alike." I basically take it as, "I want developers to make more games that I, a female gamer, would like."

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i bursted out laughing when the deep-voiced narrator said "BATTLE RAPER 2: TEH GAEM"

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I actually agree, video games have come a long way in depctimg love into their story. From pointless sex, to actual passionate love. It's not even in the aspect of love, its also into the other aspects of our emotions. That's the beauty of video games today, they really get into you and grab your emotions. GAMERS AREN'T WEIRDOS AT ALL FOR PLAYING THEIR VIDEO GAMES!

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very entertaining and actually proves a point, well done.

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"Dom and the zombie" LMAO

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a really good point

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What I initially thought would've been a bs column, actually turned out to be pretty good. Happy Fake Holiday for Selling Cards & Chocolates to you as well.