Escape From Mount Stupid: Loading Screens

We have everything you ever wanted to know about the exciting world of loading screens.

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Escape From Mount Stupid
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The guy continue to possess fun upon the Skyrim loading monitors? He's obviously not starred as it to get more than an hour... . << LINK REMOVED >>

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Say, Danny, out of curiosity what does your brother do these days?I was just wondering whether he got into video game journalism or something else.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> He's a video producer for live sports television. We both studied some form of computer programming in university, but somehow both ended up making videos about what we love. We still play FIFA :)

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Could you guys do a detailed retrospective of the GTA series? I started playing when it was the old topdown version for PC. The current GTA's have been standard setters in the genre of open world. It'd be nice to get some history on the effects they have had and the issues the game stories have created. As well as the horrible knockoffs that have tried to capitalize on the same game play style. Please, GTA retrospective?

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Bought Heavy Rain the other day and I must say I really loved that they got me to make origami while it installed. Just such a unique way of keeping the player occupied

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@dannyodwyer The Oval Books are such selfish bastards, aren't they? Odd that Eurogamer gets to use the term "Bluffer's Guide" though. :?

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@BrunoBRS @Gelugon_baat Yea sorry, we've had to repost them all to get rid of the old URL's. Gelugon is right, silly laws!

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deja vu? this video just showed up on my new updates again.

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I always used to mess with KZ2 loading screen

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This guy still has fun on the Skyrim loading screens? He's obviously not played it for more than an hour...

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I am getting the impression that GameSpot can no longer use the term "Bluffer's Guide" due to trademark issues.

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@danodwyer i've already watched 'em all, time to kick a fuc'n dog

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Bluffer's guide is so good.i like the show i am waiting for another bluffer's guide

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The most boring thing in gaming is loading screens.

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how about a new consoles bluffers guide

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jajajajajaja slaping invisible children!!!!!!! well thats just grand

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I never noticed before, but I guess there haven't been much loading screens on my ds at all, which makes sense since it uses cartridges. however on the 3ds there's horribly long loading sequences in things like the Note sharing app when it's trying to access the notes saved on your sdcard. It really removes any sort of fun or usefulness I could associate with drawing notes, especially since I just can't possibly understand why that process takes so long (software flaw).

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I forgot two: the Mass Effect franchise, and World War II games.

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These bluffer's guides are great. Gamespot should make ones for: the Total War franchise, movie based videos games (excluding Star Wars, of course), main menu screens, Mario games, MMORPGs, Pokemon games, the Grand Theft Auto franchise, racing and other car related games in general, Tom Clancy games, simulator and tycoon games, alien games, the Command and Conquer franchise, Superhero games, the Sonic games, Lego games, boss fights, bugs and glitches, voice acting, cutscenes, sports games, anticlimactic game releases, and probably others.

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Hey Danny that was awesome, my favorite loading screens are definitely from the Dead Space franchise. similar to mass effects elevator loading sequences, and resident evil's door loading sequences.

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There's a REAL guide to loading screens on a specific site by 2 specific people :p...

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@noodlzethegreat Next week dude :)

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Awesome! watched this at work, and as it started, I said to a mate (who has never played it) "you gotta see the load screens from Killzone 2. they're awesome. They do this whole 3D waggling thing that you control with the sixaxis!" Then, low and behold, there it is, halfway through the guide, with Mr. O'dwyer doing the exact same waggly motion with his DS3 that I was trying to show my buddy without the help of a controller! Thanks Danny. Loving the bluffers guides. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go kick a f***in' dog!

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BLUFFERS GUIDE FINAL FANTASY!!! go kick a effin dog..

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Here is a few ideas for Bluffers guides In game music (hell march must be mentioned) on that note a guide to command and conquer batman games GTA Realism in video games mechgames movie tie ins launch titels (what with all these fancy new systems on the rumor mill) pirnce of persia

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slapping invisible

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I wondered why Killzone 2 was so popular today.

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"Kick a F*cking Dog" must be a selling point to Darkness1.

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Best loading screen ever -> Castlevania - Symphony of the Night

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Dragon age has a nice idea for a loading screen it reminds you about your quest or give's you useful tips thinking about it maybe all developers should put those endless books that they have in game on the loading screens or give access to the in game journals or what ever so you can read up while waiting. (it would save so much in game time) and a great Bluffers guide would be (i cant believe I'm saying this) in game books on which games gives crappy waste of times and which games progress the story and stuff like that.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I loved how Uncharted did their loading for single player. One loading screen for 20 seconds and then NEVER AGAIN! :)

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Nice one..... Installing some of the pc games, where internet speed is really slow, is like a pain in the a.....

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Tony Hawks American Wasteland claimed that the game had no loading... "Why Wait to Skate" But that wasn't true at all.. cuz to travel to different areas you would have to watch your character go up an escalator or watch your character drive a car... and really, the game was loading when u had to watch this

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dark souls didnt have any loading screens once you started playing as long as you didnt die or didnt teleport, there was no loading screen

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I had to watch this to find out what could have possibly made Killzone 2 jump to the top of the most popular games list. I love the game but it's a little shocking to get on gamespot and see something almost 3 years old atop the pile. Aside from that though, good guide :)

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Nice guide Bluffer :) Especially I loved the ending :)

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yeah mass effect 1 was sooo annoying when i got to the elevator and had nothing to do then to stare on thoose booby thing

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swtor loading screens stink. That is all.

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Bluffer's Guide to Classic RPG's.

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There are some games that like to remind you that your dead in case you didn't notice. Like the Resident Evil series. In RE1 When you die you see your dead character while the words "you died" appear on screen for a few seconds. But what's even worse is that it then takes you to the main title screen, where you have to navigate again to the "load game" screen, not without listening to the ghoulish announcer say "Resident Evil" for the 1000th time.

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space marine has no alot of loading screen too

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Dead space 2!!! No loading screens..... seamlless gameplay!...... I think all games should take from this.

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@amaan4ever You kidding? Arkham City loading screen give screenshots of the progression of story instead of the same pics again and again. Now that's cool. Or and you can't blame the game just becuase you're bad at it and die again and again. :P

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I'am sick of loading screens.

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Great guide, usually i don't care if the game have loading screens even if i have played games 20 years and grew up with games that had no loading screens at all, but one game experience that got ruined by loading screens was to me Forza Motorsport 3, i just couldn't stand the 40 second loading screen before EVERY race, some races you completed in 2 minutes and you spent almost half time in loading screen. This is really an issue and i hope that developers find a way around this. I don't know if you have noticed this but in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii, Nintendo has created a smart way around the loading screens, when you have achieved a star, Nintendo hide the loading screen when Mario flies back to the Starship, you really can't tell if the game loads or not, this is very smart and you won't get disturbed since you can't see the loading screens at all.

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Man, we've gotten spoiled.

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Best was the Commodore 64 with games on a cassette tape same as the old walkman. Playing Barcalona '92' Olympics. Every now and then you would have to flip the tape.