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I always felt that the original Deus Ex was the most under-rated game on Gamespot! That game was a masterpiece, and the proof that games can be art!!

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Hong Kong is in China not Japan...just saying ,but you haven't payed alot of attention to the game i mean even the gangs are clearly mentioned as triads ( chinese mafia ).

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After all he says, I'm inclined to believe he did play the game, and well. I too was first baffled at the confusion of Hong Kong with Japan, but hey, he's probably playing new games weekly, at least. Add to that having to come up with all the rhetoric, it's excusable that some details get forgotten or confused.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> paid

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<< LINK REMOVED >> For me that was unforgivable. lol, Hong Kong is so memorable in that game though I don't know how could he forget it? (unless he never played? hmmm...so few people know about the brilliance of this game that it breaks my heart.)

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Invisible War didn't get a PS2 release. Just say oops and move on.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Hate to break it to you my friend, but i've had Invisible War for the PS2 on my shelf for the past five years. It's a really shitty port.

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very good

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Excellent Vid

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I'd say the original Deus Ex was more an RPG with FPS-elements rather than the opposite.

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Portal 2 repulsion gel. Lmao!

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Great video. Only thing is... you never told us what a multi-tool is. Tut-tut. It's just lucky I played the original then. Anyway, I picked up Human Revolution cheap a couple of days ago and I'm really enjoying it so far. I love how it somehow retains and enhances the atmosphere of the original desite all the new-look black-and-yellow stuff going on. It's a totally new game, but it still feels like a true and worthy sequel and hats off to Eidos and Square Enix for making it so.

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One of my faves DX1 is legendary.

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Just started the DE series with HR. This is a great way to catch up on the stuff I've missed out on. Lol. "Metaphor". Good job, D! Hope to see more soon!

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Cool video! The first two games were both pretty good, it's cool seeing a few clips from them. Deus Ex:Human Revolution is a killer game, it's addicting, that's for sure. After seeing the first two games again I like the Black and Yellow graphic style even more, it's done in a way that works really well. Hope there is a 4th game made in the next couple of years.

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Danny,not even we devoners know the what makes it so antidote!

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The metaphor of the pastafull machine only stands because modern gamers actually believe CoD games have a narrative element. The story was indeed more complex than most gamers ever encountered, but it was a very refreshing thing. The game deserved more than a 8.2. Nice video though, I hope it will make some kiddies out there get a copy of the original. Most of them will probably stop in the middle of the first mission though, angry at their full small inventory. But still, good effort. And yes, pastafull is an actual word, I think ...

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Oh, hey, a texture pack! Okay, now I need to play Dues Ex 1 again. BTW, nice movie Danny!

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Hahaha. Pasta is funny. Nice to meet you Danny! And congrats, the show is pretty ace.

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Good job. Nice, funny, interesting video.

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This is great. Keep doing these! I love it.

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Haha I love the name, "bluffer's guide". So you can lie to people on forums and to friends and pretend you've actually played those classic games. :P

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Very good video.

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DE:HR is my first game, this is a good guide for newbs like me...

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this video is awesome, danny! nice metaphor....

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Great video. Good job Danny!

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Great and funny video!

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real nice !!!!

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I didn't know Hong Kong was a part of Japan.... other than that though this was an interesting video. :)

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Black and yellow, black and yellow! great video, keep it up :)

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great show

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You're a multi-tool!

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That was 8 minutes well spent. Thx Danny

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lol nice video :)

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Epic commentary man.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I actually always assumed that J.C. really was written with the intent of being a symbolic second coming of Christ. Depending on the ending you choose, it really does seem that way.

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Funny !

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+1 for damp pasta.

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No, Mr. O'Dwyer, you didn't waste any minutes of my day. Actually, I rather enjoyed your video--it was very funny and informative. More videos like this would be appreciated.

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that was surprisingly funny

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lol "black-n-yellow! black-n-yellow! black-n-yellow!"

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i never noticed. JC denton JC deus ex DEUS ex JC JESUS CHRIST. i feel so stupid now :cry:

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Awesome show mate, love it.

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His show is win, Gamespot needs more of this.

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lol @2:49

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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"Stabbin' fools with your crazy arm sword." I'm sold.^^

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Love the new feature. Sarcasm always sells! And good recap of the series.