Escape From Mount Stupid: Call of Duty

We have everything you ever wanted to know about the Call of Duty series in one handy video, presented by Danny O'Dwyer.

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Escape From Mount Stupid
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I just don't know how COD can be reviewed without mentioning the work "hacking"

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COD #1 this game is awesome. I started playing when MW2 came out, MW3 is the best.

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COD 1 was awesome. The five year old C0D fans today will never understand how great it was.

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You forgot to mention Finest Hour. Finest Hour was definitely the weakest, not Call of Duty 3.

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Allied Assault is fucking glitchy garbage, plagued by terrible AI and stupid level design. I'm really not sure why people consider it amazing.

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I love the endings!

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how about "escape from mount stupid : medal of honor" :)

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<< LINK REMOVED >> sorry, never mind. I misunderstood you.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> as if CoD could stand up to MoH.

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"and a bit in the airport when we kill a bunch of civillians" "check my shoes now m*****f**k"

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The ending is the best!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@mad_krips Yea it's getting its own page really soon, and a link on the video menu I recon. @MN121MN Cheers mate! We are indeed. I think we're going weekly soon :)

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hey @dannyodwyer Do you know if Gamespot will be creating a page and direct link for these videos? Like Appetite for Distraction and Start/Select etc... I, and I'm certain many others, really enjoy this show, but at the moment I don't know how to find it unless I do a search for it, or if it was just posted up on the front page. Similar story for The Gun Show..

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@dannyodwyer Oh, I see now. Good show by the way. Hope GS can continue it.

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@MN121MN @sexyweapons We had to rename the show for boring legal reasons. Unfortunately this meant reposting all them again. Apologies for the confusion, we'll have a new one up later today.

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This is kinda old now :/

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Wait, why is this video recycled using a new title?

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@runarjenssen man you just summed up my whole COD experience. I really enjoyed the WW2 games, imo i think that COD was way better of when it was a pc only title with the suck ones(big red one and watever that other one was called) one console. I remember playing COD and united offensive on my pc while my brothers played halo on the xbox saying that it was the best shooter ever made and me keeping my gold mine to myself. Now they play modern warfare saying its the best shooter ever made while i wait with my arms crossed for half life ep.3 and a pc to run it on....

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I am so tired of these games now. Certainly when they came out they were fun for quite a few years. But I believe at this point the market is over-saturated. The latest call of duty I have no desire to even read about. It is just too much. Its almost as bad as having yet another rock band. Another one? Just.. why?...

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Played the first game back when it was released, and also played MoH:AA before that. Allied Assault was so awesome in that whole Normandy-invasion, but most of the rest of the game was.... well not bad at all, but I wanted more of the Normandy stuff. That's what I got in the original CoD.... Despite the fact that 99% of the game was ripped straight from most war-movies before it (Saving Private Ryan, Enemy At The Gates etc). An amazing game, and an amazing opening for a great series. Like most people who don't keep their heads in a toilet bowl all day, I think that the series completely lost its way after CoD 4, spinning into absurdity with how popular it got, and the storyline of each consequtive IW-game just got more and more bizarre and unbelievable. Black Ops featured a refreshing new take with its story, but the gameplay felt old and dated. I never bought Modern Warfare 3, and I'm pretty sure that - unless IW/Activision actually does something new and creative for their next titles - I've played my last minute of addictive CoD multiplayer. And that's not just because every new game in the series feels like a map pack for the last game, but also because I'm tired of them treating their fanbase like a bunch of retards (although arguably, they might actually be right). They just ruined it - at least for us PC-gamers. Completely.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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bluffer's guide should have its proper day slot, opening themes and whatnots ... good show

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what about the expansion united offense?

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on the commercial for the Modern Warfare guide there's a BF3 is better than MW3 commercial. LOL

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That was a cheap shot, know ALL of the un-initiated will look it up and then vomit uncontrollably.

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I was curious about this 2 girls and 1 cup thing so I looked it up on Google .... If you're curious too, dont look trust me there's no way you want to see this

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@GamerOfLove You are right! It was a mistake not to mention "spoiler alert". It's just that I was sad about the details I've mentioned.

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As if the PSP is useless... It's not a gaming-device, it's a media-device, handy for anything media... I almost bought one for that purpose and some simple games would be an extra feature to me... And don't start claiming that the DS is better. Nintendo was dead once they discontinued the GameCube and came out with the... thing... and also the DS, which they should have stuck with the GameBoy-brand or something...

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OG CoD was the spiratual successor to MoHAA...Two of the greatest PC games of all time! Unfortunately it all went downhill from there...While I did enjoy CoD2 all the way up to WaW...They just weren't the same, and of unfortunately MW2, BO and MW3 are just not enjoyable for me.

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@sorvos are you trolling or are you just that stupid not to know that you shouldn't put spoilers in your comments without warning? you tell me.

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mWCOD on ps2 then

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My first cod game was Call of Duty 3, and I still think its a good game.

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I played the CoD1 demo mission more than the MW campaigns (which I actually finished). Back in the day I didn't know what piracy was... :>

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I stopped with Call of Duty when I played 4 because I did not enjoy the campaign. This vid made me want to reinstall the first one so very badly. What an epic campaign that was! I might as well get 2 on Steam as well.

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I've played every PC Call of Duty, except Balck Ops and Modern Warfare 3, which won't work on my rig and every piece of these games is perfect. But knowing Soap dies in Modern Warfare 3... Modern Warfare, perhaps the best war saga in the history of videogaming, died with Soap!

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Heinpienaar123 So I presume that you just bought Battlefield 2 and find nothing innovative in BF3!! Surely you have an eye on everything and and wouldn't get fooled by a new engine!! :-)

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First played COD 2, that and Tony Hawk's American Wasteland were my first 360 games.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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First played COD 3 awesome

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Enjoy the MW games but COD2 will always be my favorite... Russian Campaign= best COD singleplayer missions ever.

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That was a very cruel reference to a video...2 girls 1 cup..OMG! One of the most disgusting things I have ever seen. Guaranteed to make you lose your breakfast, lunch and dinner!

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Only the best video on this site - Evar!

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make map packs free plzzzzzzzzzz people

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This guy is great!

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the battlefield ones better

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You should do a video about the Half Life and Counter Strike games, because of CS:GO

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WOW COMMANDOS i will never forget that game!!!!!!

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cod 1- amazing cod 2 amazing again cod 3 very good multiplayer had tanks and jeeps campigan was kind of boring cod 4- i wish i could play it again for the first time incerdible and stunning cod 5- tear droping campigan (best campigan) multiplayer kinda stiff, ZOMBIES WERE a hit its time cod 6-best multiplayer(antil now) crappy maichel bay director campigan co-op was very fun and special cod 7- campigan unforgetable (very good but gameplay sux a$$) soild multiplayer too much money for dlc's cod 8-probably game of the year beucse its selling like hamburgers