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should of waited to do this after AssassinsCreed3

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Agreed on revelations sucking, and i think most agree that 3rd sucked just as hard.

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its a shame this franchise went cod, i mean went down the toilet

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Haha AssCreed!

This series make me feel icky.

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I don't particularly like the AC series but i really enjoy these shows Danny. Glad to hear that series 4 is on its way!

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Hey Danny, great work with the videos. Id love to see one on God of War!

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Dear Danny. Hope your year started great. We missed your show. I missed your show. Just wanted to let you know.

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@gamergath Thanks bro, I'm working on Season 4 as I type this. Literally. Which is why I need to stop writing this comment and go back to it. I'm gonna do that right now okay, thanks mate. YOLO

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I enjoyed The first game but i absolutely LOVED The first 2 AC2 games (revelations was a little bland). Ezio was a terrific character and it was great to see him go from the mischievous brat to full grown assassin to old man. I legitimately cared about what happened to him and his allies (Leonardo was another great character). If they take all they learned from the past 4 games and build on that, AC3 should be AMAZING.

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Great episode, it'll be sad to have Escape gone for the next little buit- but the teaser for the first episode of season 2 of "what if machine" gave me goose bumps... partially because I'm in the military and would love me a set of mjolnir armour (ceramic reinforced bones would be pretty sweet too)

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Is it just me, or did this episode take a LOT longer to come out than the other ones?

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Great show, always love each episode. Not a great game, though. I never finished a single one of them, I always got half way through one and then got bored outta my mind because it was the SAME tasks, SAME objective, SAME outcome. You run around, kill Templars, assasinate someone, and run away and hide. Even when your free-roaming, theres nothing to do but look for flags or rooftops to jump off. The story never hooked me, it was extremely boring listening to ezio whine all the time. And, no, Multiplayer wasn't that good either, so don't even suggest it. I'm probably gonna play the third one hoping it's different, but it'll be short lived. The environments looked good though.

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I really enjoy this show. Look forward to every new episode, even if I haven't played some of the games.

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Again, great show Danny.

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AC series is one of the most overrated in history of gaming. When first AC was truly something new and promising and second was a big step forward in terms of gameplay mechanics and character development AC:B and AC:R is just one big disappointment: Ezio seems like the worst character ever: his motivations, choices he made, and "challenges" he met along the story are one of the most shallow in gaming industry.

What I hated the most was that gameplay issues that was not fixed not mentioning out of date graphics. Ezio in my opinion was very hard to manage, and often was not "listening" to the player: Jumping in directions you wouldn't even think of, selecting enemies you was not intending to attack... Since AC:2 till now all this thing remained unresolved.

Another thing is story. Background is solid: secret societies, political wars, area of influences. Good stuff. But Ezio as a person? Or Desmond? I did not care, not even for a second what they will do. How can you care so much about "the big picture" that such a small detail as main character is not memorable.

AC is still having very serious potential, but Ubisoft for some reason tends to make an enormous game with a huge areas to explore and at the same time completely neglect the power of details. Let's hope next AC will the good one. Still i'm not buying it, I'll might rent it, but since Ubisoft is working so hard to make Europe hate them, I might start playing it only after it gets below 15 Euros...

(sorry if I made grammar mistakes)

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I played all of the AC series, and I have to say AC:B was my favorite gameplay style, but AC2 was better for storyline!

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Great video!! Gonna miss the show quite a lot it has been very entertaining and informative

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Nice one Danny. Really going to miss the Escape from Mount Stupid features. They've been like a whole bag of awesome! Cheers

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I laughed a little too hard at the dubstep part

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Thank you Danny and Assassin's Creed 3 is next tuesday!!!!

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Another wonderful episode, job well done Danny !

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Spoken like a true AC fan good job Danny. :D

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that shirt is a bit tight tubby lol

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Awesome show......now time for a BLUNT BREAK!

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Gamespot you rock!

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Personally, I think the series would fall apart without Desmond and the modern day stuff. It's the narrative glue that holds everything together.

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So excited for assassins creed 3