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im willing to bet GTA5 comes out before June....

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Have to say 2012 is looking like a pretty weak year compared to last, most of the games I consider really worth getting aren't guaranteed to release this year or exist officially : The Last Of Us, The Last Guardian, God Of War IV, GTA V, Devil May Cry, Assassin's Creed 3, Half Life 3, Medal Of Honor sequel, BF3 2143 DLC, Dead Space 3. Need For Speed (Underground 3)? Too many uncertainties for me. The major confirmed titles really don't interest me that much: Bioshock: Infinite - Bioshock 2 was alright but you know. Mass Effect 3 - Couldn't get into ME2, Skyrim and Dark Souls are better RPGs and Dead Space and MGS4 are better TPS games. Hitman: Absolution, I've got my eye on it but stealth games weren't ever my thing. Max Payne 3, Got my eye on it because Rockstar have always delivered but the last Max Payne game I played was a let down. Alan Wake, Never played the original and have little interest in using the 360 again after my experience. Halo 4 , recycled franchise, love the online game modes but the gameplay hasn't changed enough since Halo 2. So far, Twisted Metal, Tomb Raider, Street Fighter X Tekken, Counter Strike: GO, Journey and Ninja Gaiden 3 are the only titles that remotely interest me, none of which I consider major draws like the above titles. Metal Gear Revengence, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Borderlands 2 and Soul Calibur V have my interest to the extent I may buy them when the price drops; especially MGR. On the bright side I still need to purchase Dead Space 2 and Vanquish from last year and the year before that should keep me busy. May change my mind later in the year I suppose but for the moment looks like I'll have a lot of spare cash for when some decent games come out.

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This is probably most entertaining show on GS

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Ninja gaden 3 didn't you miss that out of will it be next year?

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Great video that is both funny and informative, good to know all the games this year, should be a great year in gaming.

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This guy is great :)

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The first game i'm buying is Max Payne 3

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Like every year i am going to be buying and playing lots of games this year too. And like every year, i cant wait!!!!

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Where's STARHAWK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice vid Danny, so far it is going to be Mass Effect 3 that I'm most looking forward to. I'l probably play it through and then have to start back from the original to see what happens when I take a different route through the game. Where will I find the time for this never mind the rest of the releases this year?!

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what's with 2012 and all these good games coming out??? seriously need to start saving

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thanks for the guide im waiting for Halo 4, fortnite (maybe it will be out this year), max payne 3, GTA V and biosock

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Love the new camera angle.

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Great vid Danny. Just one question: isn't True Crime Hong Kong cancelled?

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great vid... Nice lineup for 2012 , hope IT delivers.

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D is for Danny who is also coming out this years Just Kidin lololololol On a serious note GUILD WARS 2!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAITTTTT!!! and sorry if u find this comment offensive, I wasn't trying to offend =/

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ANNNNNND.... I'm broke as s**t... Who needs money anyways when you have unlimited entertainment value.

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i want diablo 3 only, i don't care about rest.

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I can't afford all of the games I want, depressing.

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@Jahames1 Yes it is. That's probably why I got an ad for it in my copy of Skyrim. Borderlands 2, Diablo 2, Prey 2, Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite, DmC, Final Fantasy, Tekken, Gah! Another horrible year for my wallet!

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Will definitely be putting down SWTOR when Mass Effect 3 comes out. Great video BTW!

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As I watched this video i slowly watched my wallet get smaller and smaller

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Borderlands 2. is prey 2 being developed by bethesda?

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all i got on 2012 in 3 seconds was nyan cat... n is for nyan cat

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Bloody hell Danny, what do you eat for breakfast to be this hilarious? Thanks again for another great Bluffer's guide!

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Twisted Metal! \m/

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X is for Xenoblade Chronicles is finally coming to America Whoot! Wii users need something this year. "what about the Wii U" ....Something good this year =D

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So can't wait for Counterstrike Go and Max Payne 3 :D 2012... Looking good :D

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LOL bluffers guides are the best!!!!!

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Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Kingdoms of Amular (well, after the demo), Bioshock Infinite (still questionable, definitely not a pre-order), and GTA5 (if it comes out on the PC. I could also have done without the vuvezela, unless its in a Lord of the Rings trailer spoof.

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he`s a playstation fanboy ...

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@Gelugon_baat - Don't sweat it, you were much closer than jwinding and fredrick703! :P

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@DoubleclickTF Ah, silly me for not doing more research. :P

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@Gelugon_baat - Spoken Gaelic is a set of languages, not an accent. Scottish and Irish Gaelic are different branches, too.

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Mass effect 3..Gta 5..Devil may cry..Guild wars 2..and a couple others..

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I'm looking forward to the Jak and Daxter collection, Sly Cooper Thieves in Time, Overstrike and The Last of Us.

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No Kingdom Hearts 3D?

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THATS BULL z games zumba fitness

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if 2012 is the end of the earth............ I'm gonna die only after playing HITMAN ABSOLUTION>.........................................

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I made a lizzzaard man.

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Omg WE'RE GETTING A NEW NYAN CAT IN 2012 I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!! (1:04)

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@clockworkengine Yes, thanks for reminding me of my silly mistake! :P There, I fixed it! The replacement adjective can be used for both Scottish and Irish accents. Silly me for not remembering to use this lazily convenient word that can substitute for both whenever there is confusion brought about by absent-mindedness. :D

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Mass effect 3,borderlands 2,X-com(turn based version),aliens CM and maybe bioshock infinite.

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That reminds me, I also need to stock up on canned goods and ranged weapons.

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2012 in going to be interesting, one way or another.

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@dazman31 Oh dear. What an embarrassing mistake. Silly absent-minded me. :? There, I fixed it. :P

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I would like to see a game made out of the Nyan-Cat Pop-tart Cat meme. :P

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@gelugon_baat Uh, that's Irish. Not Scottish.

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Hands down the best way to recite the alphabet.