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That was Great.

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N for nintendo duhh

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Mass Effect 3 , Payne 3, Bioshock. Man, good year is all ahead of me :D

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All I remember is the mexican hat guy... thats how tired I am of waiting and playing the old 2011 games

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Ni No Kuni not sure what the english name will be, but it's suppose to come to NA this year.

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i watched it twice HA! it's that good

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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations

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Well he put a lot of thought into that. However that damn horn woke up my kid.

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nice job man! awesome guide!

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Great guide!!!!

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I bet GTA will be out in October...

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I agree with I!!! Valve HAS to make Episode 3 after CS Global Offensive!!! Can't wait for Mass Effect 3 and Bioshock Infinite!!!

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he has hair!

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missed mass effect in M!

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HL3 will probably be released in 2015 going by Valve time :P

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Ha! Thats was brilliant, cheers Irish guy

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Thumbs up if you pressed your face to the screen when prompted.

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This guy is a moron.

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All those lovely games coming out. Now I need to work out how to fit them in. With work, family life and now SWTOR as my second job, time will be tight but I'm sure I'll manage :)

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There;s gonna be a major dent in my account balance this year

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dang he forgot Starhawk

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Diablo 3 and Twisted Metal. Awwweh Yeeeaaaaah!!!

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Diablo 3!!! hopefully. But yeah a lot of those games im interested in :D

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Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infnite, I am alive even, dare I say it, Final Fantasy XIII-2..? Like most people have been saying, awesome year for games coming up, its going to be ace!

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2011 was the year with the best games.2012 will be good but not as good as 2011 according to me that is. Nice bluffers guide by the way as it was very funny as usual.

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Well, this will be a good year for gaming. I do hope Half-Life 3 and S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 will be announced.

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funny he could have made most of this vid in june of last year. Great job though.

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Juno LOL

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What happen to I Am Alive....

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This videogame journalist deserves his salary.

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Am I the only one that thought 2011 had so many great games that they can hold off on releasing more until 2013? Dear god I'll never catch up!

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Great content, keep it up Danny!

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It can blast the shops, IT IS GREAT.

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This is going to one tough year in gaming. So much pwnage, so little time.

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KH 3D...? i thought last year was bad my wallet has been on a diet for quite some time now i don't know what to do i need to inject it with fat :S but howwww? games are like fat free butter for the wallet

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Oh my lord! there are far too many awesome games coming out! I seriously hope I find time to go for a- Pity they're bringing out another f*cking streetfighter though.

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Under the letter T, you should have had TERA, a new very exiting MMORPG with an action-based combat system that allows you to use a consol controller for this game. Why has that never been done before?

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whats up with putting our revolution(i am Egyptian) videos in every single gamespot video? (most of them) ..

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Can't wait thats all I have to say.

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True crime Hong kong FTW!

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my most anticipated of 2012? skyrim dlc!

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Every year I get overwhelmed by all the games coming out and wonder how I'm going to afford them, but like every year it all works out in the end

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Kingdom of amalur reckoning will be game of the year you heard it here folks..It will shatter mass effect 3 numbers muhahaha..Now to get flamed hehe..Any how here is my list Koa of coarse bioshock infin Mass effect 3 dragons of dogma] Torchlight 2 diablo 3 aliens space marines starcraft 2 expansion Star wars expansion if it comes out this year ) Any sims expansion for the wifey xenoblade for my wii grim dawn path of exile gta 5 im sure there are more but not that i can remember..

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Loads of cool games btw, its gonna b a bit tough to get a hold on all of them... but ill sure give it a good dammm try :)

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Mass effect 3 My most anticipated game of 2012

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N 4 "Never DEAD" DUDE...

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why has everyone forgotton god of war 4!!!!i tought the game was awesome!!!!

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Aliens : Colonial Marines Metro Last Light Max Payne 3 Stacraft 2 expansion Bioshock Infinite STALKER 2 Resident Evil : Raccoon City ( Maybe ) Halo 4 ( If my 360 gets fixed ) Alan Wake ( PC version ) Far Cry 3 I'm also planing to buy a few games i missed last year, Saints Row 3, Batman Arkham City, L.A. Noire. Sweet Jesus, i'm gonna be even more broke this year.

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the spelling was like albanian or am i wrong ???

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