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save the internet SOPA is not active.The internet is not owned be a indivdual I request Gamespot,IGN etc to support us and people please like this page to support anti SOPA << LINK REMOVED >> Nice Video I loved the way with the words :)

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@im-a-roustabout they don't have to do the whole alphabet thing every week, but a news recap with this guy is a lot better than a news recap with 2 hipster douches

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what about god of war 5

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Ok it was a good show, but how in the world could they possibly do this guide weekly? What is it that some of you guys smoke when you wake up?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> SOPA is now in effect Watch the above link and spread it as far as possible << LINK REMOVED >> LIKE this page to protest and more

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well while people are panicking around the end of the year like they did last year im going to be playing all the games i bought this year

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@shadowdanc3r what is your problem? "some people's minds scar easily"...then maybe they shouldn't be online at all in general. But go watch Shrek, there is plenty of innuendo and kids don't get that kind of stuff unless they already have heard the word before...but to say some kids minds scar easily and I hope you pay for their psyche bills was a bit hyperbolic don't you think? How is somebody going to need therapy for seeing content fisting? I would tell that person as I am about to tell you....to grow up! Learn how to take a joke or life is going to suck.

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@everybody in here...just FYI, every year you guys get excited about the dumbest of games making these must have lists of the new year, half of those games are going to be a critical and commercial flop, you can't just look at a couple of screen shots and know that game is going to be amazing. Halo 4 and mass effect are no brainers but most of your lists include brand new IPs from not so good developers...I haven't even seen twisted metal make any of your lists which is fine but just how can you guys be so excited for games you have seen like two screen shots for and the name?

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he look like a blogger in youtube xd...

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I hadn't forgotten about overstrike and now I never will.

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Mmmmm Mass effect 3,Tomb Raider,Bioshock infinite. :)

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Guild Wars 2 Everything else takes a backseat, unfortunately.

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Personally i must say this is going to be an expensive year again. 1. Mass effect 3 2. Bioshock infinite 3. Tomb raider 4. Halo 4 5. Assassins creed 3 (should it come out) Sigh.

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where is STARHAWK for cryin out loud...

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@jedikevin2 Nice list bro. Redo for others to see.: Dustforce Rfactor 2 GTR3 C.A.R.S. Firefall Tribes Ascend Natural Selection 2 Dota 2 Blacklight Retribution Grim Dawn Warface Super Monday Night Countdown Carrier Command Gaea Mission End of Nations King Arthur 2 Wargame: European Escalation Assetto Corsa PID Shank 2 Some others: Men of War: Condemned Heroes Risen 2 Fireburst Ridge Racer Unbounded

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2012 looks exciting.. and expensive

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Nice vid. So Ninja Gaiden 3 is out in March you say .......hmm lets see ... games beginning with N?

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Pretty good but you could've talked more about Ninja Gaiden 3 with "N" and for "Z" there is the Zone of Enders HD Collection coming which I am very excited about :)

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it was so weak . the video was terrible for guiding people to 2012

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I enjoyed this and hope you continue to make these :)

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In those 3 seconds I only saw Nyan cat.

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this guy is just SO GOOD! I love him - always makes me laugh probably the best Gamespot Editor/Journalist out there!

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@dannyodwyer: That was a fun video... My crazy prediction a game starting with Y or Z is found releasing sometime this year!

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i don't have the money to afford so many games...Damn!

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A Shooter that have a NEW story, I can`t play the same story on all shotter games!!!

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we need more RTS game...not starcraft 2,,,

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I always enjoy the humor in your vids! and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making these videos. I laugh every time and always come out of it with something new learned. Looking forward to all the new games coming out, and especially Mass Effect!

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@RPGMASTERFF7KH square enix is currently working on hitman absolution.

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DmC and RE: operation racoon city!!!And what the hell is square enix waiting for???At least give us some new information about versus xiii!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Very funny stuff and informative lol

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@dannyodwyer Excellent show, can they make you weekly?

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This show is so much better than this crappy Appetite for Distraction and show select that are hosted by two hipster jerks without any clue what humor is. Gamespot, make this guide weekly!

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Quite apart from anything - it works.

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"Content Fisting" should be used on a regular basis.

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@Shadowdanc3r If anybodies mind is scarred by my saying the phrase "Content Fisting" I will gladly pay their psychiatric bills. We do age-gate our videos for explicit content, but like a risqué reference in a kids movie, it's not required here. Chill out dude, it's comedy, it's subjective.

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you already forgot NARUTO UNS generation. the last one sold 8.7 million copy worldwide. and this one is even better than that one. thats a terrible mistake you did....

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Last year was the best year in gaming (according to me).This year does not seem that good when compared with last year.there is no way this year could compete with battlefield 3,COD portal 2 etc.I am not saying that this year will be bad.I am just saying it will not be GREAT!

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holy hell fire this dude is annoying.

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Not as good as 2011

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haha well funny

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The only reason this guide is any good is because it's Bluffer's guide.

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I logged in for the first time in like 6 years just to say that you missed Zone of the Enders HD for Z. No need to keep Z lonely (Y can suck it, though.)

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He didn't just mock Hitman, did he? Good wid though, thanks!

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Game that starts with N Naruto Storm Generations

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Dishonored, ladies and gents.

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OMFG u forgot Risen 2 , some1 hit this guy

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this guy is annoying. This is not talk show where you try to be funny (btw you are not funny). I hate cynicism more then anything.

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duderdave I second your sentiment. "Content F*****g"? Really ? Not only was that inappropriate for a non xxx site, it wasn't funny. As of this writing you don't even need to enter your date of birth before watching this video for those not logged in to this site so I'm guessing no screened the video beforehand. What the hell's going on there at Gamespot? Don't stir up the curiosity of those that don't know what that 'f' is, some people's minds scar easily and I doubt you're going to pay their psych bills.

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Don't forget Dream Drop Distance!