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Nice show! Thumbs Up!

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Vuvuzelas!!! POORRRR!!!! Lol...

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Like it alot

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A new Resident Evil wont be seeing my PC this year..and Diablo 3 will be shipped some time 2015.. so in turn..I'll just get all of the console games that were ported to pc. ;)

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erm, I'll actually be catching up to all the games from 2011 in 2012, and its highly unlikely I'll be picking up anything from 2012. There were simply too many great games this past year, and I hardly had time or money to catch up, so thats what I'll be doing this year. And looking at all the games being released in the coming year, I'll be playing all 2012 games in 2013...*sigh*

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N Ni no Kuni, miyazaki ppl!!

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Oh well, at least I have many good games to play until the world ends in December Enjoy as much as possible, people, because we are gamers, and what gamers will we do? Play ALL the games, and having ALL the fun... (Sr for my bad En =_=)

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@im-a-roustabout Ok, I didn’t say “some kids” minds scar easily I said “some people’s.” Maybe the age-gate reference in my comment threw you but I wasn’t going on a ‘won’t somebody please think on the children’ rant I was actually expressing concern over people of any age not just kids. My psych bills comment wasn’t hyperbole I was being quite literal actually, but if you read my response to dannyodwyer I admit to overreacting and misplacing blame. Also I didn’t mean to say someone would need therapy for seeing content f------ Just saying some people, whatever age they maybe, don’t know what that particular ‘f’ is and if they saw it they might need therapy. It doesn’t make them weak, just sensitive. But even if Danny aroused the curiosity of the unsuspecting I see that if you’re a child your parents should have parental controls on your computer and if you’re of age you have to take some responsibility for the content you view. I stand by my original comment in that I feel the joke was out of place for this kind of site I don’t think I have any growing up to do just because I feel that way.

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@dannyodwyer I’ve read your response (I appreciate you not cussing me out) and have reread my original comment. I see that I commented because I was angry. I was angry that I go out of my way to avoid certain things and end up finding them where I least expected. Even Comedy Central, a cable network, won’t broadcast that ‘f’ word without bleeping it, if you want to hear it you have to buy the DVD of the broadcast if available because it goes beyond just being risqué so I guess I know now that FCC regulations don’t apply on the internet and I will be more wary of what I watch on sites I think are safe from that kind of humor. It’s been said that for every action there’s a reaction. If someone ended up looking at images or videos of what that ‘f’ is, and were mentally scarred the psych bills shouldn’t have to be paid by you. It was late, I was upset, and I overreacted there. While parents, teens, and adults have to take responsibility over content viewing I still think the joke was inappropriate for this kind of site. But as they say, if you don’t like something don’t watch it. I think you can make a good video personality but I won’t run the risk of hearing you mention double content you-know-what or that video about those girls and that cup which I haven’t seen and from what I’ve heard I don’t recommend that the squeamish reading this see it either. Thanks for reading, good luck at GS.

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SOPA is now in effect..Please join the cause.Like this page << LINK REMOVED >> The internet cannot be owned by an individual.It is for everyone.

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Lol nice vid. Really glad to see that two of the featured games are games i've been waiting for for YEARS. (diablo 3, twisted metal) And I'm not really a huge WoW fan and mists of pandaria looked kinda childish at first glance, but it looks like they're actually putting in some cool features.. who knows, maybe it'll put WoW back on the upward path and undo what cata has done to the game

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N 4 Ninja Gaiden 3.

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Nothing was more despicable on this page more than the mentally challenged fanboys who said that they care about absolutely nothing other than Diablo III. If that game really forces me to be online to play its single-player campaign, then now I have another reason to not pay a penny for it: what I just read in these comments today.

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What an excellent video! thanks!

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Thanks GameSpot For The Video

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Great Games For 2012

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Syndicate... *sighs* Way to remind me about censorship bluffer's.

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Good feature, Danny should be involved in more GameSpot articles and videos. You forgot Ninja Gaiden 3 for the N section of the list though. :P Looks like it's going to be a busy year for games, hope I can keep up.

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N is for Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch!

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I is for Inversion... a game that manipulates gravity and possibly our bank accounts....

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dragon age 3, hitman: absolution, and.... hmmm

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Oh god if the world ends I'm going to be so pissed, can't play video games no maor.

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B for Blacklight Retribution.

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Hitman Darksiders 2 Max Payne 3 Metro last light Tomb Raider Half Life 3 (????)

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twisted metal!!!!

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At 7:18 Laura Croft is sporting the beats by dre in-ears lol

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Great to have a heads up on whats coming out this year

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No risen 2 at R. what a terrible list

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Diablo III and GTA V. Nothing more.

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At 1:00 did i just get the gaming version of Chuck's Intersect stuck in my head? Do i have super fighting skills from Street Fighter X Tekken? So many games and i'm still behind on last year's games.

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no mention of Mass Effect 3 at M???? really dude??

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Ooh Darksiders 2!

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D3.. GW2..and MP3... what more could you ask for?

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Diablo 3. I care about nothing else in comparison.

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And the kontrollers... umm... controllers look really funny at 5:45 :D LMAO

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5:40 haha... awesome vid. This is what I would like to see more from GS. woot woot!

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Skyrim DLC?

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Content Fisting... FTW.. :-P

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At 05:50 LOL! Nice vid!

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great video,

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good show

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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LOL! is that nyan cat in the "Content Fisting"?

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Awesome video! Oh and YouTube GS uploads seem to be lagging behind...

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GameSpot Videos setting is stupid! I press stop/pause button (waiting for buffering) yet It's always playing the whole damn Videos?.... :evil:

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Any word if Sorcery will be making it out this year???

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Most of the games are on my list to play.

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Brilliant, Best Gamespot short video of 2012!

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The video screen shot to this looks like the scene in Talladega nights were Ricky Bobby doesn't know what to do with his hands..... Also now i'm fully prepared for 2012, shake and bake!!