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Just off the top of my head Is Ni No Kuni due out this year? That begins with N. Great guide btw Danny. Most entertaining!

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oh hell sounds like a lot of good games. its gonna be tough getting through them all. i dont want to fall behind. i guess thats the only problem with video game addiction. also why no true crime??? i was looking forward to that :(

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@GamerLegend10: I didn't know that. As a fan of the old True Crime games, that actually excites me. Thanks for the info!

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Bioshock: Infinite, Metro: Last Light, Kane & Lynch 3, The Last Guardian for me. Oh and I've got one that begins with the letter N: Naughty Bear 2!

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Woot,Sly Cooper Thieves In Time! :P

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isnt war of cybertron out? and true crime hong kong got canned didnt it?

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Prediction: So far unannounced Call of Duty game will sell millions of copies.

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@Tsuchikage It was cancelled by Activision, but then Square Enix bought it off them, and is going to continue production along with United Front Games.

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thumbs up if you pressed your head to the screen

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all the crying about about kim jun il was because if they didnt they would be shot, i can say that and not be shot because GameSpot is blocked in north korea so they will never see this, that and because well....admit it...they are (or were lets see) under a lot of oppression and it was (or may still be) a dictator ship, hitler and stalin would kill anyone (not them personaly, but they would have people killed) who spoke out about them, ok maby not exactly the same in NK but they probaly were force to some degree

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@Xandoom yer thats what i was like, then i played it and i was like...mmmmm...hope the single player is better than this. i just didnt like the animations the charator movement or the cover system, it was just odd, the rest was bellow average, so realy i didnt like it, ill wait for the reviews to buy it, and i would say to everyone to do the same, but your choice so i dont realy care which you do

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I thought True Crime: Hong Kong had been cancelled?

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A game called Oil Rush? LOL!!!

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Well put together video Danny, though it's a sad indictment of the games industry and it's lack of fresh ideas that almost every game is a sequel. Or maybe it's a case of an unwillingness to stray away from their known cash cows considering the rate that games are churned out nowadays.

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier...Dear Lord I can't wait!

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hmmmmmm...... yea.....

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Looking forward to what the indie market will bring. Really enjoyed quite a few last year, Terraria, Machinaria, Limbo, Clash of Heroes, Space Pirate and Zombies to name a few. Would be good to see a video focusing on that market too. But some titles I'm looking forward to : Bioshock, UFO, Torchlight 2 and with any luck Syndicate might pull it out of the bag inspiring a remake of the original. Here's hoping :)

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This was a cool guide, I guess.

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BioShock, Max Payne, Hitman......