Elseworlds - Official 'Kara' Clip | Arrowverse Crossover Event

Watch this exclusive clip for Elseworlds, the upcoming Arrowverse crossover event.

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I find it... weird, that Elizabeth Tulloch was on Grimm with David Giuntoli, who IMO could have been a GREAT Superman, is now playing Lois Lane.

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The only show I like this year is the Arrow. It's dark, it has an actual plot that progresses with every episode and all the characters have evolved in a realistic way. The Flash is so much of the same again and the pacing is so slow it can hardly hold my interest. Supergirl is season 2 all over again with a different group of anti-alien terrorists. And I strongly suspect that the writers of Legends of Tomorrow are on drugs while writing the script because it can't be explained otherwise. At least it gets funny sometimes. I wish these DC shows were more like the late Marvel Netflix shows, more mature, more violent with more complex characters and intriguing villains. The new Titans show seems to have a good start. Maybe DCTV can make more like this?