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Elden Ring DLC Shadow Of The Erdtree Image Revealed | GameSpot News

Elden Ring is getting its first DLC called Shadow of the Erdtree, Final Fantasy XVI previews are out and a Starfield showcase may be coming very soon.

A DLC for Elden Ring has been eagerly anticipated and expected for a long time, as past From Software games like Bloodborne have received expansions--but From Software's stayed fairly quiet on the topic until now. The studio did release various patches post-release, mostly aimed at fixing issues and adding more PvP elements, like the free Colosseum update where players can fight in solo or multiplayer duels.

But don’t fret, because even though that expansion lacks a release date, FF 16 has one and a producer for the game told Polygon it won’t be delayed “unless a meteor falls on Japan.” So fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, for a bunch of reasons. The only meteors or asteroids I want this year should be in Starfield, but hold that thought, let's keep talking about Final Fantasy for now.

Previews for FF16 are popping all over the web today and based on early reactions from fans, the changes to combat that are coming to the series seem to be grabbing lots of attention. In our own coverage here at GameSpot, Steve Watts compared the game to God of War and the FF 16’s director, Hiroshi Takai, agrees. During our interview about the game, Takai said, “So just to give a simple example of what our game cycle is closest to, you could probably say it's closest to God of War. We have our world map and in this world map you'll have the main scenario quests that will unlock. Clive will travel to those areas and proceed with the main quest. And then after that you'll be able to return to a hub area that we have, and from this hub area Clive will have new opportunities for continuing the main quest, unlocking areas, or also side quests and side content as well.”