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EA Play E3 2019 Full Press Conference

Tune in to watch EA showcase their biggest trailers, gameplay, demos, news and more during their EA Play at E3 2019.

E3 2019 is underway with Electronic Arts hosting its annual EA Play event this weekend. It was among the first press conferences scheduled for this year, and though it wasn't filled with any surprises, it did deliver in-depth looks at a number of games. That included the gameplay reveal for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and a preview of Apex Legends Season 2, which adds a new gun, character, and focus on challenge-based progression. We also learned more about Madden NFL 20 and FIFA 20, as well as upcoming content for The Sims 4 and Battlefield V.

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looking foreword to sims 4 island living its so nice sims are able go into lake again.

Avatar image for TheBruuz

Developer: "We did this and that...blablabla"
Every single host on every E3, turns to the audience "Aren't you guys excited!!!?"
Billboard blinking off screen: **PLEASE WOOO ON THIS QUEUE!!!**
Armed guards in the galery: "Tch-click" /cocks gun
Visitor 1:"Why did you bring me here? I thought you said this was going to be fun!?"
Visitor 2:"Go with it man. That one guard has been eyeballing us for the last minute! There's the sign...WOoOOooOOO..."
Visitor 1:"WOOOoooOOOooO...That's the last time you bring me anywhere!..WoooOOOoooOO!"

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@Gaming-Planet: EA games
"charge for everything"

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Hey, what's up with the sound?

Avatar image for just1mohr

I thought they were going to have a hidden card magically and I did not think I would get Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, but damn it looks good & fun...on my list now!

Avatar image for AlienMinator

Does anyone have a problem with sound? i have it when there is an ad but as soon as the presentation starts volume disappears.

Avatar image for matheo81

@AlienMinator: Indeed. No sound.

Avatar image for DeadlyMustard

@AlienMinator: Same no sound for the entire video

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I juts bought A PS2 and Madden & NHL 2001-2006.

*The Madden soundtracks from 2003-2005 we're absolutely amazing.

"it's football time,Once again it's awwwwwn"

but they looked really bad..blurry everything so I got em on PC.

Havent arrived yet but im excited for the card game that doesn't demand real $$ to play...

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I'd say the most lackluster EA conference ever but then again I had absolute zero expectation from EA

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EA conference was totally nothing