E3 2018 EA Play Livestream Full Press Conference

Tune in to watch EA showcase their biggest trailers, gameplay, demos, news and more at E3 2018.

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Not a bad showcase, I'm looking forward to Battlefield V and Anthem the most.

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Electronic Microtransactions

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One thing I like about EA is the earrie asshole(s).

Ps I'll just rip ALL E3 off YouTube and watch it with no bandwidth wastage.

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That was bad, very bad.

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After countless times EA showed that cares nothing about gamers, and yet, we still have people revering them. People are stupid.

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I’m so happy that UCL is going to be in FIFA ! It was too heavy for PES

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Elecrtonic Arts, before I die I want (1) New Medal Of Honor or remake of PS1 games. (2) Remaster collection of Mass Effect on current generation. Thanks.

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I wish they would quit having "woo"-girls on adderoll present these things to artificially upgrade the mood in the room or generally suggest how excited we should be for something.
Tricks to mold my emotional state usually have an opposite effect on me.

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@TheBruuz: what is the woo girls name !? shes hot !

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@TheBruuz: I'll take a woo girl over a boring executive or nervous project manager

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One thing i always wanted in every Fifa is at least 100 top international teams every year

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People still like EA?

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@Orayus: Im suprised people still ask such questions.

But to answer your question it depends on the game, they have some crap games but they also have really really good games.