E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference

Check out the E3 2011 Nintendo Press Conference!

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Hopefully that LOZ is going to be an actual game

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That controller is one brilliant idea! We can play all the classical games (think battlefield 3 and modern warfare 3) and also enjoy new kinds of games thanks to the extra screen!

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The Wii U looks nice, I can't wait to play the next Zelda game in 1080P HD on that thing. It's also really nice that more 3rd party games are coming Nintendo, like batman: arkham city and modern warfare 3. I'd really wish that Treyarch would make the << LINK REMOVED >> more like the ones in black ops for the wii.

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what time is lego city stories?

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epic opening music for zelda, give the orcastra props

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zelda or kid icarus for nintendo3ds? which one is more good?

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I'm getting fed up of Reggie's "Don't worry I promise we're gonna deliver" face. He's been wearing it every year since the Wii launched and I'm still waiting.

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is << LINK REMOVED >> valid?

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Hopefully the Wii U can deliver beyond expectations!

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translator on stage weirds me out.

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As mentioned before the Wii U was unveiled it is the games that sell the hardware. They've still got some time because we aren't likely to see the Wii U hit shelves until late 2012. The system looks like it has potential but you've got to show me some games before I will be sold. I don't want to invest in another paperweight system that I only use to watch Netflix like my current Wii.

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damn how to fullscreen???

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Of the three hardware makers this one was the best followed by Sony and Microsoft in dead last place.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Great they've managed to make an even more awkward controller. They should have went for a more Dreamcast/VMU approach rather than an iPad with a joystick.

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Ah... now the name "Wii" makes a little bit of sense... Nintendo Revolution would still have been a better console name.

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This looks amazing. My wii never gets played compared to my PS3 and N64. I really hope I can go back to Nintendo next generation if the can deliver, which it looks like they very much can.

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the wii u is like a 3ds u play on ur tv

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Nintendo got the Best opening during there Conference

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43:45 :/ It's a real dog not eyepet.

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nintendos system in 20 years "the nintendo wii u me too our us every"

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sorry to say this BUT i need to see the 3D get its rights in Nintendo's systems. about the Wii U the roamers was right so we will see and 3DS it should get more work time ,and Pokedex hey hello we need Pokemon in 3D anyway nice at all . Let The Future show us what is next ^^

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it might be good

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@mikees1 Well this is really for the yanks. Gamescom is for Europeans :)

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Never noticed vocals was in Orchestra. Brilliant job with Orchestra idea. Nintendo, you have some of the most inspirational music of all the games and shown that good music does deserve a place within games and is a vital part of the experience.

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please don't ruin good games by putting them on this crap

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They're trying to sell to the world, so they use baseball in their advertising......Only Americans watch baseball. Football on the other hand (or soccer if you're an american) is watched by the WORLD. Why do i get the impression their aiming this more at the yanks?

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NINTENDO+SONY FTW ...........mircosoft.................................................u fail HARD

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they have shown a new technology on next e3 Microsoft will show far and far better than this lets wait and watch.

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hope they have a descent price i hope it will be quite expensive but i am not ready for a new generation console yet..let seeeeeeeeeeee. hope for the best.

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I am a Sonic The Hedgehog fan but I think the WII U is going to be awesome who agrees with me?

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I hate the appearance of the WiiU controller. But I might eventually warm up to it.

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I'm just gonna go ahead and say that Nintendo is weird, but I hope they can pull it off with this new console.

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@southernzombie I also think its awesome! Imagine playing metroid on that---never mind i get too excited. But I was wondering the same thing. Its probably just Sony trolling us cuz we PWN. But haters gonna hate.

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ok am i the only one who thinks the wii u is gonna be pretty awesome? that controller is a brilliant idea. one of the cool things i just read it will do is like if you have ur wii in the living room playin a game and somebody is mad cuz they wanna watch tv you can have the console stream the video to the controller screen and play on it and they can have the tv. thats just awesome

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@Paoksis If you were a hardcore gamer, you wouldn't be playing the Wii.

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that controller of Wii U seems rather useless for hardcore gamers....ill stick to the classics

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Great show for Nintendo. The Wii U is going to be pretty awesome next year. Imagine how many games will be ready for it when it launches. Nintendo didn't really go into a lot of the Wii games themselves. Didn't show Wii Sports Resort 2, Pikmin 3 or many other 1st party games for the Wii. It was all about 3DS and Wii U. No price yet on the Wii U, but I'm thinking it'll be no less then $350 at launch. I won't be running out and getting it. I'm sure Nintendo will drop the price of the Wii to $99 by then. They should continue to sell Wii's as long as they keep selling.

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i hate the lag.

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I'd love to do a barrel roll moving the DS on starfox

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All i want to know is the price

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hmmm.. I can't wait to see what the hardware has in store

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WOW I think Nintendo OWNED E3!!

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@ SuperiorNilly Agreed!

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The wii u looks amazing

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lol lego citys looks like gta for kids

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the price will be killer