E3 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Reactor Repair Gameplay Movie

The power is out in the Duke cave, and there are all manner of alien nasties in Duke's way in this gameplay clip from Duke Nukem Forever.

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looks like the worst game ever

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Reminds me on Half life

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this badly sux

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@Rocker6 Thanks man. I read the horrible reviews. I will wait for it to hit the bargain bin. Shouldn't be long.

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I see some ppl saying reviewers have been harsh or it doesn't warrent a 3 score... sorry, no.. its is a bad game irrespective of title, the fact its been 12 years should mean an excellent game. not this crap. as to deserving a 3, that's being generous...

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horrible horrible horrible.......

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Disappointing, simply lousy!!!

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My two favorite quotes from the game..."My balls your face" AND "Stop bleeding you p****" LMAO

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I can't believe they give the score 3.5?! Come on! Give it 7.5 or 8.0 (That's what I think!)! I mean of course it's been 12 years of waiting and I was glad it's going to be launch soon! Well I don't care about the score but, I know when I play this game it will be awesome! :D

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Ok, i am not a fan of Duke Nukem, but i expected a medium-to-high score. First i saw the review of Duke Nukem forever at IGN... They gave it a 5.5 or something. I was like: ''IGNorance... I'll go and check out gamespot's review...'' BUUUM! A 3.5 (3.0)!!! *checks out if he entered the right game*... *checks out if he is dreaming*. Ok, maybe the game is not good... But they are working on it like 14 years! They could at least have had that in mind while reviewing... But... However... I don't give a damn... :)

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Damn Gamespot was hardcore on this

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12 years of work down the drain. It may be a harsh thing to say but the scores and reviews all over the web have indicated that's it's the truth. :(

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it got a disappointing 3.0 becuz it has the label of Duke Nukem on it. otherwise if it was released under any other title, the score would be above average.

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There's a reason it took Forever to come out. And it ain't a good reason.

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@x_Faith_x Craptastick lol.

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Little bit surprised at a 3 but no surprise that this is a terrible game.

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Someone needs driving lessons...

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buy this game used on gamestop then return it within a week to get full refund. That's what i'm gonna do

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This is upsetting after how long this game has been in the making for it to be this horrible is just sad, but honestly it is kind of a fitting ending to a game that has been hyped and delayed for years upon years.

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how dissapointing, i waited for this so long

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anyone else expect a low score? (of course i didn't expect it to be 3.0 :o)

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This game is no way that bad, despite its flaws, that every game has by the way. It´s a really fun game. I´m not saying it´s great, but it´s no way a 3!!! And besides, you made the gameplay video look bad on purpose playing like a nobrain bot... You just lost credibility... Shame on you Gamespot. What´s the matter? They didn´t pay you enough?

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Wow such a crappy game....it is worth the 3.5 stars.

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This looks fun. Not Extremely fun, but fun.

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idn about this game, i think ill definetly rent before buying, its worth atleast $5 to rent.

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That isent AI. That is AB : Artificial Blindness!!!

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Bad, very bad , AWFULL!!!!!

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It looks like this is a bigger disappointment than Gran Turismo. Congrats.

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crap on a stick.

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Watching someone play a FPS controller is almost as fun as a kick to the growing.

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@thenephariouson Well VanOrd is a harsh reviewer. Please do not try to defend him he is a harsh reviewer and that's it. I mean this game yeah of course it not as great as other games.. but 3? seriously?

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I can't remember the times I got nailed on forums for saying this game would suck. Suck it up fanbois.

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Someone's not going to be happy at 2K after this...

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Although i admit this game is a Cowpat, i really dont think it warrants a 3.0

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the problem is that everyone's nagging about a favorite franchise whose last outing belongs to two decades ago, while nobody has a clear image of what Duke Nukem should look like in modern day. i bet whatever the game looked and felt like, still too many people would argue that DNF is off track.

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This game was always going to be a bad joke within a bad joke! I played Duke Nukem 3D on the Sega Saturn and from what I remember it was fairly decent game but I distinctly remember playing Exhumed (or Powerslave in the US) at the same time and being far more impressed with the latter (don't listen to gamespots review score of 5.4 those that know rate this game highly, maybe they are thinking of the god awful Playstation 1 port). Being 18 at the time I must admit to having a giggle at the lap dancers and some of the colourful language. This however soon wore off as there were more offensive things on late night TV. Today you can click your mouse a few times and find a multitude of offensive material, anything you desire 24/7. A game whose gimmick is that it is offensive had better be pretty f*cking outrageous and offensive to grab anyone's attention in this day and age. 14 years ago this would have made headlines and sales would have been considerably better (probably some sympathy scores in its favour from the reviewers also who are always keen to jump on a bandwagon). Instead 14 years later a mediocre game has come out with some swearing and boobies. Not very funny at all!

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i knew that this game would suck soo hard =/

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The low score also comes from people putting it on such a pedestal that when it didn't match up to it, it was a huge disappointment. i had a better time with it than ceartain games that have a score around 6 or 6.5 but not that much of a good time. i still found it funny and hugely inappropriate crude and rude

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I don't care what reviews say,I don't care for graphics,I AM GETTING THIS!

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such a shame..... this game is ok at points but nothing that the king should be. little anoyed at gearbox and randy pitchford for saying its epic and 12-15hours long when it just isnt. im gunna go play a real game now..... duke 3d.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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If this game came out in 2001 around the same time Halo:CE came out. I'd chose Halo

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@mrwmom I agree that Gamespot does unfair and biased reviews for CoD games,but this game really lacks shooting,I completed it,and really,there are very few enemies to kill for a Duke Nukem game.It may be an opening level,but rest of the game is same,almost no shooting.I think I killed more enemies with that truck in the dessert than with guns.

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@wilmepe LOL,If you REALLY must get it,get it for PC,it has less problems then console versions,less frame rate drops,lagg,etc.But my advice,dont even get it,I got it for very cheap,and I still feel my money is wasted.

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i would say gamespots dumb for giving it a 3 but this game is getinng atrocious scores across the web

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I an age where obscenities back in the 90s are no longer obscene... This game just doesn't seem like it has the balls to even live up to what Bulletstorm was.

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I saw that score coming from miles away. The game sucks ballzzz!!!!

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I can't believe it got a 3.0!!!

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Pig + Cops, Hahahahahaha I got it! Let's just let it go, if you want to play it, wait a few weeks for the used bin... Let's just get it out of the way and nail this coffin closed... Where's Batman Arkham City.

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