E3 2011: Duke Nukem Forever Duke Cave Gameplay Movie

Duke takes a conference call and kicks some alien arse in the Duke Cave in this gameplay clip for Duke Nukem Forever.

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I think this game looks freakin awesome and I want to be able to have fun playing this instead of playing a serious game like black ops!!!

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@zenter123456789 I TOTALLY AGREE GS just suks at having have sometimes

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I think people need to realise this game was 100% intended to take the piss... not be revolutionary or be a really good shooter, it was create for taking the piss

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@zenter123456789 extactly, everyone is too used to playing games like CoD and ModernWarfare, they just dont know that a Duke game is all about FUN and doing dumb retarded things, plain and simple,

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Wow, this game looks like a really huge piece of human crap xD

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I loled when he walks in on the alien using his dumbells.

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@mortis1982 you make a valid point there

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"Red key card require" I don't need no F$%*ing Key Card!

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hail to the king!! baby

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this look like pure fun!!! and that is what other people doesnt understand!!!

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@Elite39 there's that PC controller that is just like the Xbox one and, believe me or not, some people play it with it! :P Other than that it's the same video for the three platforms. :)

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Is GameSpot stupid? It says PC yet it has Xbox 360 controllers. The game looks good Duke's taunts are hilarious.

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@SiLeNtWrAiTh234 You are probably correct, but I have seen the laziness of gamespot before, also whats the point at playing an FPS on a PC and not using the prescribe keyboard/Mouse input method. Makes no sense to me.

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i wish there were a duke nukem pinball game in real life ;(

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Balls Of Fail! LOL Can't wait.

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@mortis1982 probably a 360 controller on a PC platform.

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DUKE OS - just pirated it.

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im so excited about duke :D please thumbs down me for not having bought duke3d pc-cd when it was out and got quake instead.

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Funny thing is that it says PC and yet the controls are XBOX360.... Gamespot fails again.

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@sammoth Preach on reverend, Dey aint hip to duke. If they havent played this back n the days wen they were little, then they don't no nothing about nothing

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I think a lot of people misuderstand things about Duke games. It's more about the 1 liners and the odd stuff in the game than trying to be the best FPS out there.

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Oh Duke! I think no one can compete the jokes and humor in this game! It's the little things that count :D