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are u guys retarded this 3D is not like movie 3D its pretty good thing coming at u but u need 3D glasses or 3D tv the tv is rather expencive. and his job is not to get the full story on every game it is to show u the booths floor wahts one very booths. dont be such an idiots and tim rocks :p

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hm 3d and motion sensor so now u can get in shape but ruin your eyes and headaches sounds fun. not really

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uh such a bad cameraman. but tim is funny just rippin on people lol. sony is boring

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Its called ps move not ps stand around!

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For those missing the joke ... he's not being serious .. he's just sarcastic and doing good job at it !! XD ... lol @ "If there is a line you just get in it ! " ...

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Hell YEAH Socom all the WAY!!!

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this is how we do it at gamespot:)) i think these guys are doing a decent job, and i thank em for it cuz im sitting here watching it, im harvesting the fruits of theyr hard labor or something

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lol who is this guy? he sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about or he doesn't know what to say lol

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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both cameraman and reporter suck! the joke about GT5 not funny, it was worth the wait now gt5 is the best game for this year

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realy nice graphics but who knows this is the realy GT5

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damn man this is pretty horrible... walking around trying to get shots on the floor with shaky cam and a boring commentator... lol

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LOL this guy makes all the games sound boring

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Yea, umm.....The Last Guardian??? Seriously, What's going on, Sony?

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what an amazing camera man

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lol those GT5 drivers are dreadful. I bet they got up and said "urgh this game is so rubbish, not life like at all" and they never driven a car in their lives.

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kill that Commentator

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gt5 rocks..nice graphics

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GT5 look freakin sweet

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more god of war ghost of sparta like 2 seconds suckish

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Most annoying Commentator in the world....

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Need to see more of that Gran Turismo 5 demo.

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Translation: 3D in games actually tends to get annoying quickly.

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no comment

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what a douchbag!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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GT5 booth - nice, but no one is using the cockpit view?

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That commentator is annoying

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no last guardian :( maybe next year

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you know whats boring? You.

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Good video but bad man