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what a cheesy crap embarrassing press conference from microsoft i couldnt watch at some bits i prefer sony from the other two but i think nintendo delivered more from there press conference and was the best out of the three the lineup for the 360 was terrible halo doesnt count and gears because they were already announced way before e3 they were showing us stuff that we had already seen metal gear rising looks fun hate kojima for leaving sony though no one will be familiar to the franchise on 360 so i think it will sell more units on ps3 ps3s lineup was auwsome basically every game announced i want ill get loads of thumbs down but i dont care a bit xbox 360 are cheap pieces of crap and i hate them and wtf they had 5 years to get there next console right and they still include the worst things about the 360 the cheap disc tray and the big mother power brick

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im not saying that nintendos conference was bad but that kind of games just dont do it for me. that being said i think nintendo was really good. the move with killzone 3 in 3D is going to be epic and im probably gonna get downrated for saying this but i think child of eden looks awesome(just putting it out there). this twisted metal is going to be my first in the franchis so im really excited. microsoft was just plain boring nothin to say there

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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It seems like Sony's trying to add hardware to PS3 so that it can have aspects that the Wii would have. The PS3 is cool but the Wi-Fi still lacks. It seems that Nintendo is the only company that can promise new systems this year. Being a big Nintendo fan, that makes me extremely excited about the year ahead. It also looks like the 360 doesn't have far to go before it reaches its gaming capability limit.

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Well I quite liked this year's E3 :) 3DS I can't wait for , Gears 3 , and Mickey :)

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Nintendo stole the show, no doubt about it. Sony misjudged parts of their conference(Tiger Woods demo and Coca Cola ads? Bad choices), but overall had a rock solid line up of great looking games and announcements, if few big surprises, but getting to see Gabe Newell publically eat his words and say how great PS3 is was probably the biggest E3 shocker I've ever seen. Microsoft was just a massive failure on practically every level. Started decent with demos of their biggest titles(All shooters though? Not very imaginative), but the second Kinect was shown it was a straight downhill slalom of shovelware, irrelevant non-gaming features, one massive nut kick to consumers with the retraction of the free Joyride for XBL members and then they capped it off by redesigning the 360 to easily become the ugliest console this generation. Dramatic turnaround on recent years, to be sure.

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I'd like to say that Nintendo won't win me over with promises. they will win me over on delivery of said promises. I've been burned for too long.

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Everyones just jealous because after all these years of losing and failing miserably, Nintendo is finally a contender amongst Microsoft and Sony, and that Nintendo won E3. I mean come on! DK, Kirby, Zelda, Golden Eye, Mickey, Kid Icarus, 3DS, Ocarina of Time and Starfox on 3DS, Really now!

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Nintendo won. No contest.

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dah! where to start...first micro was good in the start with cod:black ops halo reach and gears 3 and fable 3 but sadly all their trilogy series are coming to end so now they result to this kinect crap that was one of the most pathetic demos i ever seen. it could have been so much better if they showed some actual real games and the only thing that saved them was the new 360 and giving it for free to E3 people. EA was good like always. ubisoft sucks real bad. nintendo was fun to watch with the retro revival games and the new 3ds. once again proving they are one step ahead in hardware and im sure next year we are goin to see sony and micro ripping it off again which would be nice if micro made a ***** handheld and not kinect. sony was ok with the move and 3d stuff but uh i dont really care about all that just good games. the best part of E3 was the stage floor demos and good games and trash talking crap on the live chat lol. but new vegas rage and SWTOR and TFU2 are soo epic looking and i want now! im sure next year is gonna be even better. thanks gamespot

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LoL, you can't say microsoft failed with a name like PS3gamer. I'll agree it wasn't a great conference but the kinect dance game looks badass.

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microsoft press conference was a fail

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Finally a game with Mickey (can't remember playing as him other then cameo appearances)

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sweet ^^

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Nintendo's exebition looked cool but I think that everyone is forgetting how they haven't been releasing anything for a while. I've been dissapointed with my wii so far because all of the games on it are geared towards kids. I could never see myself playing kirby, kid icarus or mickey mouse. This conference, nintendo only released one great game and it was Zelda. Even if this new 3DS looks cool now it will probably take nintendo 3 years too release five decent games on it...

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with all those great games comeing out this and next year gamers will be poor as a b***h. lol

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No it wasn't.

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Lol you forgot GoldenEye 64!!! That one was bigger than Kirby OR Donkey Kong honestly......

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cool. man so many games too little time to play.

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Gamespot is God

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@TheVGamer I know right, it looks like something you would buy an ugly chick who's lonely

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Hail23, you're absolutely right. I wanted to point that out earlier but you beat me to the piont ^^. Anyway look at youtube for 'zelda skyward sword gamplay floor' and you will find a video of gamplay on the floor, where you can see the controls react very good.

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I've looked down the list of comments and seen some people trashing the Zelda game for Wii. To those people that have said or thought so, you must not have seen the game on-the floor at E3 live... find that video then talk. (wonder if i would get any thumbs up for this lol)

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I can imagine my grandma's face if she walked in with me having sony move in my hand...

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I hate Microsoft and Sony for copying Nintendo's Wii idea (I'm not a fan of Wii and the games for it, but still). Sony's controller looks retarded with the lightbulb on top and Microsoft's system makes you look retarded.

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Nintendo had a great line up of games, I'm guessing they are going to try and rope in their hardcore gamers, since Wii tends to be leaning toward mainstream a little much. The 3DS look really cool and has some great potential to do well. Nintendo basically has handheld wrapped up. Any way that was my opinion. I know its a wall of text so i tried to space it so it was a little lighter on the eyes. Fanboys feel free to rant and flame my post, i know how you love it. it is like a drug to you guys. Gamespot fantastic job on all the info this year. The videos are well done. Anyway peace out, have a great E3!

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well, at least each console has their own fair share of fanboys. Microsoft had some good games coming out but most of them were sequels. Halo looked good as usual. Gears of War will probably be a good rent, i was never one for the online play though. Call of Duty has good potential as usually and will most likely have good multiplayer. Fable was my favorite out of E3 (thats because i'm a fable fanboy and i love to give it the love since not many people do). Lionhead keep up the good work. Kinect looked amazing, but the line up of games for it was completely mainstream family/child oriented. However, if they came out with some type of fighting/swordplay game for it, kind of like the action in the Star Wars Trailer, I could see it being loads of fun. Sony was pretty good, but like many people said, the motion is basically a copy of Wii, thought it may have some potential. It got the full motion thing perfectly where the Wii plus got only part. Twisted metal looks fun, i remember playing that back in the day before xbox, heh PS1 was the good ol' days with final fantasy and everything.

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Nintendo is back!

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Nintendo won the E3 this year. Over 10 exclusive titles with surprises like Zelda, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby, Kid Icarus, Mickey and so much more. Plus the awesome 3DS that can play all games in 3D and take pictures that can be viewed in 3D. Microsoft's Kinect had some potential with Star Wars game and their own Kinect Sports, but most of the software was pretty lame. Kinectimal? More exercise software? Bah!! Gears 3, Halo Reach, Fable 3, Crackdown 2 and a few other titles will be cool, but no surprises like KI3, PDZ2, Crimson Skies 2 or Shenmue 3. More exclusive DLC that is timed exclusive. Meh. What happened to Milo? Sony showed Move, but it wasn't anymore impressive then Kinect. Sony's big surprise was Twisted Metal and Portal 2. GT5 finally coming. KZ3, Infamous 2, LBP2, etc.. were all a given. Nothing special there. There was no PSP2. Definitely no more price cuts. Move is going to be expensive unless you want to play by yourself and even then it'll cost over $130 to enjoy it fully. You can player for 3 other people, but each has to buy or bring their own Move controllers which are $50 and $30. Yikes!! At least with Kinect, you make for the system and you're done. Overall I thought Nintendo had the better showing then the big boys of Sony and Microsoft.

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kinect Au$198 @ EB Games

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I'm really impressed with Sony. I think their approach to online gaming is better than live. One thing they don't charge you for it. Which why would you want to pay for internet then another rate on top of that just to play online. I know that Sony is intruding the Plus subscription rate but thats only for extra features, and even if you don't want to fork out the extra money, you can at least play online and everything else free still. But of course i'm getting the Playstation Plus because Sony deserves it. Woot 3D Games

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@Philx3 Playing a mature rated game doesn't mean its a hardcore game. Playing an INCREDIBLY difficult game makes it hardcore. Such as the old school Megaman games, Demon Soul's, the Super Mario games, and etc.

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@Philx3- so the only thing that makes a game hard core is if it's filled with guns knives and over the top blood and gore? well whatever, but if that's your take on gaming then your going to miss out on a lot. that said, Microsoft was a disappointment this year at least the others did well though

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i want a 3DS right now....

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microsoft kinda boned up this E3...Too bad so sad but at least everyone else did really well

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Kinect is gonna fail so bad.

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Nintendo had the best presentations. Microsoft's sucked horribly.....

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@ widdowson91 lmfao hardcore gamers play zelda my 5 year old sister is a hardcore gamer then. where I play CoD, Gears and Assassins Creed so therefoe im not. Hmm I can't see playing kids games are hardcore jokes. Sorry you probably won't read this its past your bed time

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looking at the move makes me hungry for some ice cream :)

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Microsoft won this thing but we'll see if Kinect outsells Move. Their Wii-esque games will probably sell to people who really don't play video games and kids. I wont be interested until they release a good game that utilizes it.

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Personally, I thought Microsoft had a better showing than Sony. That's just me.

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Whats there to breakdown. I thought it was obvious. Nintendo > Sony >>>>>>> Microsoft Better luck next year MC.

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@ widdowson91 How can you know how much kinect costs? I thought it hadn't been announced yet

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@blackhawk939 Did you see any of the planned titles for the 3DS? Those games aren't your run fo the mill Nintendo games, some would be getting their Nintendo debut! I've never seen a MGS or AC game for Wii, and only one for DS.

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Apparently people like fanboy wars. Interesting

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@DW_Dragon: I agree. I was very hopeful for some new software upgrades or some drivers to download that would make the wii more suitable for videos and such, or maybe even an HD Wii. The handheld 3ds is a great innovation, but I that's not gonna help me watch movies on my TV. I'm hoping that the controls are better for these future games on the system. Halo Reach looks like it's just trying to suck as much life out of the Halo series as possible. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with any one particular conference. However, if you missed Kevin Butler's speech on gaming, I highly suggest you find it. Fantastic.

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Yay, fanboy wars. This is why so many games are going multiplatform, and developers are cutting off permanant ties with certain sides, I mean both Bungie and Insomniac. Two major game developers are both going into a more public gaming relationship. Why fight? I mean seriously, the only reason for all of the motion sensing equipment is for Older and younger audiences on the Wii, that is the targeted audience, all of you harcore gamers mean nothing at this E3 when it comes to hardware, this is a battle to bring down the Wii from the No. 1 position, by copying ideas, both Microsoft and Sony are second place this round, so they are increasing sensitivity, reviving old titles. All of this to topple the Wii. I do not understand why all of you care so much, just follow the games.

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