Dying Light: The Following's Weaponised Buggy Ramps Up The Action

Lucy went hands on with Dying Light's new expansion The Following, which adds flamethrowers, weaponised dirt buggies, new weapons, and a bunch of end-game content.

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Who waits a year to release an expansion I already got rid of my dying light.

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@beastmode: I got rid of mine as well once I beat everything, however, this DLC can be bought as a stand alone as per the video. Granted it has been some time since the initial release of Dying Light but the vast hours of gameplay thaT this offers is worth it imo. Up to 30 hrs of just pure killing zombie and what sounds like some decent upgrades to the overall game has be excited about this release upcoming and one that I will invest money into. To me this is a new game and not just a DLC due to the vast upgrades, story and enhancements to the gameplay.

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@beastmode: It's pretty cool on PC but i picked it up for less than $10 in a sale.

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Calling it: buggiest game of 2016.

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@hayden_campbell: I see what you did there :^)

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No Kevin Bacon?

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new Expansion? i didn't bother to "watch" this article but i was under the impression it was to be an Enhanced new release of the game with this, not a DLC/expansion and then still later the new version of the game.

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@elessarGObonzo: There is a new Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition that contains everything that Techland has ever created. Is a ton of content in a box, however if you own DL you can have The Following as a paid DLC and Enhancements for free. The new box is a complete pack for collectors and new players. I can't wait to get it!!

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@johnnysantiago7: Rather Expensive when the original was less than $10 in sales though.

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I have one question, will there be co op dune buggies?

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@ALTAIR71: Yes!

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@ALTAIR71: It's not Halo :)

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@ALTAIR71: I'll drive while you shoot from te back of the buggie..

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It does look really fun! :-P

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Lucy's meow at the end lol

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@SipahSalar: Her kitty?

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Lucy James, you look like a little winter vixen.. (creepy compliment here). I hope you enjoyed your Poland stay...

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After finishing the campaign a while back and moving on to other games, I had forgotten how much fun this game was to play. I'm eager to jump back in and start parkouring and flaying zombies again. I've got less than a month to finish up with Fallout 4 before jumping back into this bad boy. Sounds like fun!

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@tgMan69: I was impressed at the speed the game runs at , considering the draw distance in a huge open world it was constantly over 80-90 fps in 1440p . It still is one of the best looking open world games.

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Just jumped back into dying light to complete it, probably end up getting this.

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This game deserves all the attention it gets

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Cant wait

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@celeritasgamer1: agree only thing it was lacking was an endgame and it seems like this expansion solves that

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@rush86: I hear what you're saying. I know I finished the campaign, but it just isn't sticking with me. I hope the end for The Following is more satisfying. Perhaps it ended kind of flat for me because they encourage you to just continue playing the game after the campaign ends, which I guess is fine. I'm definitely down with picking this back up and playing it again. Maybe I'll start again from the beginning? Dunno.

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It's about time! :D

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Hopefully they have the digital version on Xbox LIVE store so I can purchase this great collection of zombie killing action