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Damn good game....

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Come Get SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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People say this game has bad graphics i dont care as long if the game kicks ass

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Epic game 8)

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@cayne_phoenix This game doesn't get 9.5, it gets 10.0.

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one of the first of this year's GREAT single player adventures... cannot wait gearbox, bring it on. and now, GET WORKING ON A NEW BORDERLANDS PLEASE... we're all waiting!!!

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Hail to the king!!!

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I want to play this sooo bad

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this game cannot get less than a 9.5!

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Honestly didn't expect this game to be what it is, 15 years well spent

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lol, I'd still hit it.

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sigh... another great song ruined... Well at least Duke looks good.

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Talking about trailer???? this one is KICKASS!!!! I put my money on these...

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Well its normal in Duke's universe :D But yeah, I think thats "little" too much naked babes in this game. But on the other hand... its Duke we talking aboaut...

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normal fps?..you can punch a giant pig in the nuts..how's that normal lol

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im not a hater but killerkrish1983 is right they are using duke humor and babes to hope the game sell but im geting it any way

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Apart from the attitude and the girls, it's a normal FPS game.

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So freaking pumped! Hurry up June 14th!!! This looks too fun. I still can't believe it is almost here.. I must be dreaming!

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I wish they would have used the original song (The Stroke) instead of... Whatever this weird sampled thing is. Nice trailer anyway, saw it on TV actually.

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Oh yeah... released the day after my last exam? No prizes for guessing what I'm gonna be doing.

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