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DualSense Edge Hand-On Preview

PlayStation is leaping into the world of prosumer controllers with the DualSense Edge.

The DualSense Edge feels and looks nearly identical to the DualSense controller. DualSense Edge lead product manager Tomomasa Mizuno assured me that this was an intentional decision so as to not alienate players who've already spent hundreds of hours with the standard DualSense. If you've held a PlayStation 5 controller before, then you know what the Edge will feel like in your hands. The biggest changes to the ergonomics are the new, rubbery grips on the back of the controller, the two function buttons, the trigger stops, and the customizable paddle buttons in the back.

The most useful additions to the DualSense Edge are the two function buttons located just below the analog sticks. Holding one down brings up a menu that allows you to quickly switch controllers profiles, adjust headset volume, and pop into a menu to tweak your controller settings. The function buttons feel like a natural extension of the DualSense that makes it easier to access key features you're likely to need in a gaming session. Their location makes them hard to misclick during heated moments, yet they are easy to access mid-game.

Like the Elite, the controller, along with the charging cable, swappable stick caps, back buttons, and a cord lock are all packaged in a white hardshell carrying case with a hole in the back for easy charging. Overall, the DualSense Edge feels like a nice option for PlayStation owners that might have been looking at Xbox's offerings with pro-controller envy. For $200, you'll get a controller that has a familiar form factor, improved ergonomics, some new feature options, and a good level of customizability.