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i am bj yo

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dq games are awsome

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Can't wait to play my copy of this game!

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Oooooh.... this looks fun.

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I've never played a Dragon Quest game before, but I think I may get this one.

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I'm glad to see that Square-Enix is finally bringing the DQ series more fully to America. I sorta wished they would have redone the battle system to be more like the one in DQ VIII, but I'm still pleased nonetheless.

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I haven't gotten into DQ yet, the game looks all right, but I think I might want to check out the DQ for the DS first. Also with Avalon Code coming out I might not have enough money for all three and if it comes to rationing games this game (and the DQ) are probably the first to go. =/

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looks interesting :D

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Looks like another great DQ.

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2009 is in for a BLOWOUT of amazing games for the Nintendo DS! And with the new DSi coming out, thats ought to add to the enjoyment.

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This looks beautiful!!!! Now I really want to get DQIV just so I can get into the series.

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I can't wait to play this game since we never got it back in the 90's. I like the updated look. I loved DQIV and the extras put into it were fun. I have been playing DQ since the 80's. I am looking forward to this game and DQVI. DQ ROCKS!

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grr... i'm not liking the first person battle system, never liked it that way... eh, i guess i won't be picking this one up

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This game looks really good! I can't wait till this game comes out!

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Playing through some dude's complete life seems pretty sweet. Especially since I can't think of other lifespan games at the moment. Well, there's Sims, but I'm trying to think of an adventure or platformer or open-world or whatever type lifespan game that isn't boring at least to me... Dragon Quest VI is especially interesting because I assume you battle Satan, so hooray!... L=

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Hmm...I've always been interested in playing the older Dragon Quest games, but I wish they would have just kept the original 16-bit art style. I wonder if these games are better than DQ7 and 8? Those games got boring fast, so I wonder if this is more of the same, or if this was the golden age of the series?